Artist Statement -

I am interested in experimenting with liquid acrylic, using resist material which is anything that is placed on the surface of the painting that impedes the flow of liquid paint. When the resist is lifted, an unexpected outcome is revealed. Sometimes the outcome is not what I wanted, and I cover the surface with paint and go for a second, third or even a fourth try, until I am completely satisfied with the outcome. The end result is a wonderous world that comes from somewhere and is revealed on a canvas surface!

Artist Exhibitions


June-Sept 5, 2016
Burlington Urban-Rural show, Art Gallery of Burlington. Group show commemorating The Fiftieth Anniversary of Burlington Fine Arts Association.

Artworks Oakville, ongoing group shows in the following venues in Oakville:
Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural and Community Center, on Bridge Rd.
O'Connor McLeod Centre, on Kerr St.
Oakville Town Centre, on Trafalgar Rd.
Halton Region Centre, on Bronte Rd.

Artworks Oakville, group shows.

Joshua Creek Cultural Centre
Friends of Joshua Creek Cultural Centre show.

Artworks Oakville, group shows.

June 2012
Solo art exhibit of liquid acrylic paintings, painted in the city of Zakho in the springs of 2011 and 2012. The Zakho Galllery of Art, Zakho, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

September 2-October 7, 2008,
"Nature Rules" Solo show of paintings and textiles connecting Canadian and Kurdish cultures, CJ's Cafe In Bronte, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

June 29-30, 2007,
"Cross Borders", Group show featuring international and Canadian artists, Burnhamthorp Library Gallery, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

March 2006,
"Spring Exhibit", Three colourists to usher in the Spring season, Cannington House Gallery, Bronte, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

May 2005,
"Prints of latest paintings", solo-exhibit at The Artists Union Centre, Zakho Branch, Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq.

June 12-July 3, 2004,
"Homeland Visions" International group exhibiton by artists of Kurdish heritage, Scarborough Civic Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

May 26-June 29, 2004
"Unknown Outcomes", solo-exhibit at the Burlington Art Centre, Fireside Lounge Gallery,Burlington, Ontario.

The Visual Word Group of painters and poets, permanent ongoing group exhibit, changing four times a year, at The Second Cup Cafe, corner of Navy and Lakeshore Blvd, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

September 29-January 5, 2004
Oakville Art Council, Artworks, at O'connor McLeod Building Gallery, on three floors, on Kerr St., Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

October 29- November 25, 2003
Plein Air Group of Brlington Fine Arts Association, at Fireside Lounge Art Gallery, at Burlington Art Centre.

November 9-december 15, 2003
Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Burlington Fine Arts Association, at Burlington Art Centre, Burlington, ontario, canada.

Sept. 5- oct. 24, 2003
"Interior-Exterior", Solo Exhibit at the Oakville Municipal Building, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Nov. 2002
Annual Juried Art Exhibition at Burlington Art Centre, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Recieved the Alice Peck Award for painting "Interior".

Nov.12-25, 2001
Solo-exhibit, The Gallery @ Industrial Art Space, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Solo-exhibit, Meadowvale Theatre, Meadowvale (Mississauga), Ontario, Canada.

Feb-march 2001
Group exhibition with �Artists 24�, The Gallery @ Industrial Art Space, Oakville, Ontario. Opening speech by Mayor Anne Mullvale.

Oct.-Nov. 2000
Solo-exhibit, �Farewell 2000�, Fire Lounge Gallery, Burlington Cultural Centre,Burlington, Ontario.

July-Sept. 2000
Solo-exhibit, �State of Mind 2000�, Oakville Municipal Building, Oakville, Ontario. Opening speech by Mayor Anne Mullvale.

A member artist in the Art Galaxy, on the internet.

Nov. -Dec. 1998 Juried Art Show, Burlington Cultural Centre.

Aug. 8-Oct. 3,1997
Solo-exhibit, �Alone & Together�, Oakville Art Council, Oakville Municipal Building, Oakville, Ontario.

June-Aug., 1997
"Celebration 30", Burlington Cultural Centre, Juried art show.

June 3-14, 1997
Winners of the Art of Halton call for entry, group-exhibit, Greening's Framing and Art Gallery, Oakville, Ontario.

April 28, 1997
Art of Halton show at Cablenet TV23, winner in contemporary art category.

July 1993
The 32nd Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

November 1992
Solo exhibit-�Every War Brings Its Peace�, The Art Gallery at Richview Central Library Etobicoke.

April 1992
Solo-exhibit, Oakville Art Society Gallery, Oakville.

November 1991
Solo-exhibit, �TV. Wars-Peace At Home�, Oakville Municipal Building, opening speech by the mayor of Oakville Anne Mullvale, and a painting was donated by the artist to the Town of Oakville, Ontario.

September 1991
Solo-exhibit, the Art Gallery at Richview Central Library, Etobicoke, Ontario.

January 1990
Solo-exhibit, New Art Space Gallery, Oakville.

October 1989
Solo-exhibit, The Art Gallery at Richview Central Library, Etobicoke.

November 1987
The Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Mississauga Visual Arts-Mississauga City Hall.

October 1987
The Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Art Etobicoke, Etobicoke Civic Centre.

March 1985
Solo-exhibit, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto.

January 1983
Solo-exhibit, The Art Gallery at Richview Central Library, Etobicoke.

August 1982
The Canadian National Exhibition, Gallery Four Juried Show, Toronto.

July 1982
The 21st Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

March 1982
The Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Arts Etobicoke, Etobicoke Civic Centre.

June 1981
The 20th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

June 1980
The 19th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

�Azhar Shemdin is a subject of biographical record in Who�s Who in American Art, Twenty-Forth edition, 2001-2002.

�The artist has exhibited in too many solo and juried group exhibits to list.

�The artist�s work is in many public and private collections in Canada, U.S.A, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Europe.


Artist Publications

Articles on Azhar Shemdin’s art:

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The Oakville Beaver, "Paintings Make a Strong Cultural Statement", by Jackie Hubbard, January 25, 1990.

The Oakville Beaver, "Artist-teacher Ignites Ethnic Women's Group", by Barb Joy, June 22, 1988.


Artist Collections

The Town Hall of Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
West Park Sanitorium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Burlington Central High School, Burlington, Ontario.
Oakville Community Centre, Oakville, ontario.
Zakho Artists Centre, Zakho, Iraq.

Private collections
Mr. Sylvano Morganti
Mr. Chris Eyles
Dr. Majida al-Atia
Mr. and Mrs. Varooj Kojaoghlanian
Mrs. Gail Eckenbach, Burlington, Ontario.
Mr. Kakahmad Mahmoud, Oakville, Ontario
Mr. Mohamed Kamal, USA
Mr. And Mrs. Steve Salam, OnTario, Canada
Mr. And Mrs. Bruce Martin, Oakville, Ontario
Dr. Robert Mascarin, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Mr. Dale Bielby, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Mrs. Cathy Boroway, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Jeff Straker Canadain singer-songwriter, pianist private collection, Canada at large.
Bonnie Brett Canadian singer private colection, Canada.
Eddie patton Canadian Guitarist private collection, Canada.
The late Mrs. Joyce Burnell collection, Oakville, Ontario.
Persia Stoutt collection, British Virgin Islands
Trilby Ifil collection, New York, New York.
Tahir Bazirgan collection, Sacramento, california, U.S.A.
Hazar Shemdin collection, California.
Barbara Simison private collection, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Rowshan Ayoub private collection, London, England.
Bayan Ayoub private collection, London, England.
Peri Jaff private collection, London England.
Gouhar Shemdin private collection, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Dr.Omar Bazirgan private collection, San diego, California.
Mrs. Thaniya Khan Berwari-Shamdeen collection, Zakho, Iraq.
Ms. Nazira Shamdeen private collection, Zakho, Iraq.
Prof. Fatina Hamdi private collection, Baghdad, Iraq.
Mr. Yashar Shemdin collection, Nevada, U.S.A.
Ms. Lori Nott collection, Reno, NV, USA.
Ms. Bethany Simison collection, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. Adam Simison private collection, Ottawa, Canada.
The estate of the late Mrs. Jessie Van Kane collection, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
CJ. Martin collection, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. Nijyar Shemdin private collection, D.C., U.S.A.
The late, Mrs. Della Jaff private collection, D.C., U.S.A.
Mr and Mrs. Kakahmad Mahmoud private collection, Oakville, Ontario.
Mrs. Amina Al-Gailani collection, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. and Mrs Mohammad Nour El-Din collection, Scarborough, Ontario.
Ms. Jackleen Salam private collection, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Mrs. Vera Huibner private collection, Etobicoke, ontario, Canada.
Mrs. Susan Ayoub private collection, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Prof. Nuha Homad private collection, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
The late Dr. Ron Bell private collection, Oakville, ontario.
Mrs. Heba Nour El-Din collection, Mississauga, U.S.A.
Mae and Bruce martin collection, Oakville, Ontario.
Mrs. Dilbar Kubba collection, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Ms. Joanne Ali Kubba collection, United Arab Emirates.
Mrs. Rosina Schmidt collection, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.
Mrs. Sylvia Collins collection, West Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Mrs. Feryal Shamdean collection, Washington, U.S.A.
Ms. Nidar Shamdean collection, Washington , U.S.A.
Dr. Sama Salim collection, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Mrs. Fahima Sami Fattah collection, United Arab Emirates.
Ms. Fatima Ghandour collection, Nabatiya Al-Foqa, Lebanon.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mathews private collection, B.C., Canada.
Estate of the late Ms. Margot St. Jacques, Toronto, Ontario.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jagernauth private collection, Texas.
Mrs. S. Jagernauth private collection, Arizona.
Mrs. Annan Sami Fattah collection, Amman, Jordan.
mrs. Nuha Sami Fattah collection, Amman, Jordan.
Mrs. Suham Sami Fattah collection, Amman, Jordan.
Mr. and Mrs. Ziad. Al-Qaisey, New Jersey, N.Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Ayad Al-Qaisey, new jersey, N.Y.
Mr. Mohammad Q. Namiq, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. Michael Matthews, Oakville, Ontario.
Mrs. Anisa Shemdin, Zakho, Iraq.
Mrs. Rajaa Al-Zein, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Ms. Safa Salim, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Mrs. Beatrice Hohner collection, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Mrs. S. Mollman, Iowa, USA.
Mrs. N. Rizor, LA. California, USA.
Mrs. Y. Busam, Eugene, Oregon, USA.
Mrs. Millie Rogers collection, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
Mrs. Judith Lander collection, Oakville, Ont.,Canada.
Mr. Karwan Munir, Zakho, Iraq.
The late Mr. Hamid Saleh, Zakho, Iraq.

The artist appologizes to all the other collectors whom she has not been able to include in this list for now. This is an ongoing memory recall and recording. So, if you have missed seeing your name here, please, send an e-mail to , so that she can include you in this list with many thanks.


Artist Favorites

Irina Maiboroda, , , Original Mixed Media, size_width{mayweeds-1496869729.jpg} X
Original Mixed Media, 2017
130 x 130 x 2 mm (76.2 x 76.2)
Irina Maiboroda, , , Original Mixed Media, size_width{mayweeds-1496869729.jpg} X
Original Mixed Media, 2017
130 x 130 x 2 mm (76.2 x 76.2)
Azhar Shemdin, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{flowering_tree_of_magical_life-1614128747.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 2007
90 x 60 x 1 inches (76.2 x 76.2)
Not For Sale

Personal Favorites

http://Facebook: Azhar Shemdin
http://Oakville Art Council
http://Oakville Artworks http;//