Artist Statement

I am a photographer.

However, my camera is my painting brush and the photograph is my canvas:it is the starting point for my digital work.

I add or distract from the initial photograph, be it nature or taken in a bustling city.

Tempering with colors and shapes, changing and reshaping or creating a new scene, feels like creating a new world, the one that lives only in my imagination.

Artist Exhibitions

2012 - Coming soon!

January, "The camera as a paintbrush", Group Exhibition, Shorashim Gallery, Tel Aviv.

April, "Altered states of reality", group exhibition, Agora gallery, New-York.

April, "Altered states of reality", group exhibition, Agora gallery, New-York.

May, "Here, Now", group exhibition, Ferrara, Italy.

June, "Artis's Wall", group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel.

October, "Artist's Wall", group exhibition, Salon d'Art Contemporain, Paris.

April, "Altered States of Reality", Group exhibition, Agora Gallery, New York.
June,Group exhibition, Marziart Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.
June-Sept, Solo Exhibition, WME Entertainment,New York.

January,"She and He" group exhibition, Amiad Center, Yafo.
May,"Hidden corners of Tel-Aviv",a group traveling exhibition in the U.S.A.
November,"Dressed in her Nudity" with Emmanuel Bar-Kadma, Amalia Arberl Gallery, Tel Aviv.


Artist Publications

Artist Collections

Private collection, New York, U.S.A.
Private collection, Tel Aviv, Israel
Private collection, Haifa, Israel
Private collection, Ramat Gan, Israel...

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