Artist Statement -

Art makes the world within the artist visible.
Classical music, poetry, Jewish and Chassidic stories, traveling, the love for people and memories of eras gone but not forgotten, and of the cities where I lived and worked Amsterdam, Berlin, Jerusalem, New York all form the main ingredients of my art. Other places and cities left a lasting impression Prague, Sicily.
My art is like the water of the canals of my native Amsterdam,Rembrandts city the deeper you look into it, the more you see.
A reflection of a reflection of a reflection...look, what you see is not what you see.
My art is not complete without texts and letters, it is writing come alive. It reflects my deep connection with the Dutch 17th century Masters, German expressionism, Russian art and with medieval miniatures. I was fortunate to have an academic career before I became a full-time artist and studied Ancient Middle Eastern languages and medieval Hebrew literature and codicology at Leyden University in Holland, and lectured at the Free University of Berlin before I came to New York. I came into close contact with old manuscripts, e.g. in the Jewish Museum of Amsterdam, and with more modern Hebrew and Yiddish books of the famous book collector Dr U. Von Kritter in Bad Homburg Germany. This provided me with a good background to delve into the many interesting Jewish themes you find in my artistic work.
My art is also a tribute to music and to the world of the great Chassidic masters of Eastern Europe, the world of the shtetl that lives on in many stories. The Kotzker Rebbe listened to a Chassidic storyteller in the street and stated

He told what he wanted and I heard what I needed.

That is Art.
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Artist Exhibitions

Upcoming exhibits
Galerie De Stoker, Amsterdam June 15-July 17
Sherwin Miller Jewish Museum, Oklahoma July
Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery at CKI ongoing

My Chassidic stories and illustrations are on search Brombacher
and on the blog A Simple Jew httpasimplejew.blogspot.com200712guest-posting-by-shoshannah-brombacher.htmlm=0

Google my name, lots of art and articles come up.

See art articles are published on httpabsolutearts.academia.eduBrombacher

see Facebook, Shoshannah Brombacher

Brombacher’s work features on CD’s, blogs, websites, films, and is used for educational purposes in Jewish museums and children’s games mitzvah cards, book covers including Jason Aronson Publishing, Yitzchak Buxbaum, R.Chaim Dalfin, R.Simchah Raz, R.Berel Wein, Meira Warschauer posters for films, the Yiddish Theater Chulent NY and Occupy Wall Street.
Books she co-authored andor illustrated include
-Meetings with Remarkable Souls Rabbi E.Klein
-Letters of Light Rabbi A.Raskin
-When the Shouting Began S.Sher
-I See Only Light S.Brombacher, H.Hamburger
-Holy Eating R.Schwartz, S.Brombacher
-Serach Y.Buxbaum, S.Brombacher
-Theophanie C.Zaffora
-Under the Chuppah, A Jewish Couple’s Guide to Weddings and Meaningful Marriage Rabbi Bruce Forman, S.Brombacher
-Painting the Dybbuk. Between Two Worlds. Ansky’s Play seen through an Artist’s Lens S. Brombacher
-The Little Rose on the Mountain S. Brombacher, in preparation
-Smokescreen Rabbi Bruce Forman, S.Brombacher

Google shoshannah brombacher on Amazon and more comes up, like my catalogue for a big Golem exhibition in Brooklyn, my Dybbuk book, etc.

Some of my work was shown in the exhibition Tzedaka, the Art of Giving in the Breman Museum in Atlanta, GA, August 18-October 22 2006 and sold.

At the juried Art Gala 2006 of Temple Beth El in Boca Raton The Soul of Creativity is Spirituality March 2006 my work was awarded the second prize.

My Beethoven. A Spiral of Sound. was donated and auctioned for more than 5000 at a gala to benefit The Childrens Hearing Institute in Manhattan in October 2005

Some of my MUSICAL WORKS are on display at
50 Broadway 6th floor Manhattan, New York
917-305 7700

-Main Exhibitions besides auctions, fundraisers and minor shows
-Liberaal Joodse Gemeente, The Hague, Holland solo -University of Leyden, Holland -Rova haYehudit, Jerusalem solo-Podaytzer Synagogue, NY solo-Brownstone Gallery, NY-Tribeca 148 Gallery, NY-Silver Palette Gallery, Cedarhurst NJ -League of Hard of Hearing solo, NY -NeumannShaynberg Galleries, NY-Gallery 124, Springfield NJ-Cong. B’nai Avraham NY several solo exhibitions-Cong. Mount Sinai, NY several solo-Camille’s Clover Hill, NY both group and solo-Grand Hotel Heerlen, Holland solo-Kunsthuis Huebens, Maastricht, Holland-Staten Island Community Center SI, NY-Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery BJAG, Park Slope, NY-Union of American Hebrew Congregations UAHC in Manhattan, NY solo-Riverdale Temple, NY solo-Beth El Florida Art Festival-Tealounge, Brooklyn, NY solo-Palm Beach Center for Jewish Art, FL-Salon de Quartier, NY solo-KVB Financial District, NY solo-Terror Artists Respond, New York-Freyberger Gallery, Reading Pa-Sixth Street Community Synagogue, NY solo-Chulent Yiddish Theater, NY solo-Congregation Beth Torah, NY-Creative Soul, Crown Heights, NY several group exhibitions-Reznik Gallery, NY-Hebrew Institute Riverdale, NY-The Lower Eastside Jewish Conservancy, NY solo-Anne Frank Center, NY-Maayan Gallery, Belskie Museum, Closter, NJ, Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery at CKI, NY ongoing and curating, Yiddish New York, NY.

I have also participated in many art auctions, art festivals, minor shows and fundraisings, e.g. but not limited to Cong.Bnai Avraham NY Brownstone Brooklyn Jewish Fair, Jewish Renaissance Fair Morris Town NJ Kane Street Synagogue NY, Cong.Beth Torah NY, Lincoln Square Synagogue NY League of Hard of Hearing NY and I donated many works to tzedaka organizations for auctions etc.

COLLECTIONS My work is found mainly in private collections, synagogues, schools, corporations, hospices and stores in Europe, e.g. Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel.

Membership of art organizations
-American Guild of Judaic Art, President
-Jewish Art Salon, New York
-The Creative Soul
-Jewish Women Artist’s Network


Artist Publications

There are several articles in national and local European and American Newspapers (e.g. Limburgs Dagblad, The Jewish Week, The Jewish Press, by Richard McBee), like the ones of my exhibits at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery (Jewish Press, March 8,9 2003)and at he UAHC (Jewish Press, Januari 23, 2004), which can be found in the archive section of the Jewish Press.
For more info contact me at SHOSHBM@AOL.COM...

Artist Collections

Shoshannah Brombacher,

I create sets of drawings or paintings about one theme, often in combination with texts/calligraphy. Some sets are bound as a book, some contain unabridged texts, like a full Megillat Esther, Yona,a Megillat Ruth and a Hagadah. Some sets are continuously in motion, because I sell parts of them individually and later replace the missing ones. Then the set changes of course, because I do not make copies of the sold drawings but create something new. Here are some of my favorite themes:

-The golem of Prague (many drawings and paintings)
-Megillat Esther (illustr., ink on paper,as a scroll)
-Purim/Megillat Esther
-Megillat Ruth (printed in a limited edition)
-Shir ha-shirim (Song of Songs)
-Yona (1 set of drawings and 1 complete booklet with text)
-Job (sepia drawings)
-Dema'ot Rachel, a chassidic story
-Goethe's Faust
-Prag (Ein Bilderzyklus)(travel impresions from Prague)
-Sefer ha-Ahavah - Avram (multilingual poetry)
-Shabbat in New York (ink drawings)
-HAGADA: a complete hagada in black and white, plus: a set of 1) chad kadya, 2) echad mi yodea, 3) the order of the hagada 4) historical events, in color
-Dos lid funem lebediken mentshen (yiddish poetry)
-Sheva Berakhot (I also make KETUBOT)
-Qohelet (till now in 3 different versions)
-Medieval Sephardic Poetry
-Chassidic Rebbes (many of them about the Lubavitcher Rebbes)
-Marsman in Amsterdam (Dutch poetry)
-Birkat haLevana
-The Hebrew Alphabeth (One series has been published in: 'Letters of Light' by A.Raskin)
-Sukkot: the four species and several sets of the Ushpizin, one of them about the Chassidic counterparts of the Ushpizin)
-The twelve Tribes
-CHASSIDIC STORIES. I illustrated many of them. Part of them will be published
-Biblical women

At this moment I work on a big project about the Yiddish play DYBBUK
by Anski

I illustrated several BOOKS and I made the cover ILLUSTRATIONS, title pages for Ph.D.Theses in Europe including my own, Jewish books in Holland and in New York (e.g. works about Chassidism published by Jason Aronson, NJ).
The latest work I illustrated is:
"Letters of Light" (about the Aleph-bays), by Rabbi A.L.Raskin
My latest book cover is for The Light and fire of the Baal Shem Tov by Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum. I highly recommend this book.

Artist Favorites

Olga Zelinska, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{turquoise-1498342635.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2017
70 x 90 x 2 inches (45.7 x 61.0)
United States
Yulia Schuster, , , Original Watercolor, size_width{old_church-1498207209.jpg} X
Original Watercolor, 2016
24 x 34 cm (45.7 x 61.0)
United States

Personal Favorites (American Guild of Judaic Art) (Chabad Lubavitch, I love this site, many interesting articles) (shows some of my Chassidic works, has many interesting stories) (Breslov) (or google A simple Jew) (Menachem Wecker) (Yitzhak Buxbaum, magid, very interesting site, nice courses and maggid training, have a look) (Indelible Ink)