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I work in a non-intellectual way with computerarts and paintings. My goal is to go with the flow of the artmaking. I am trying not to be too focused on ideas and mental restrictments. I do though use knowledge of composition in a later state of the proces. So my aim is to let art come from a place beyond the conscious mind.

Digitally Photoshop 6 is my tool, and I use Poser 3 occationally. Those are generally not for sale as I often use stockphotos. My paintings and mixed media works are for sale.

For more info you are welcome to contact me on email:

Artist Exhibitions

Galleri Økologi - 20/20 visions (from 17th january - 31st august 2003)

Satelitten (from 12th March - 11. april)...

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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