Artist Statement -

My subject is seawater, how it moves, what's in and around it. It disolves my conditioning; the rules are different my
perception enhanced. Gravity is defied, light fractured, almost everything shifts, moves constantly, but with a rhythm. There is constant change, chaos, yet order appears like a tide chart. I paint the patterns I see.

Always uncomfortable with "man vs. nature" and anthropomorphism, seeing ourselves as detached observers or opponents, I look for us as elements inside. Rather than putting critters in our clothes, giving them human traits, I want to get under their skin, learn their social skills, traffic control, time management, supply and demand, etc. I watch until patterns emerge.

I love the pitch and roll and the chance to see the rare school of thousands to millions of fish.

Artist Exhibitions

AQUEOUS 2, Ventura County Maritime Museum, Sept 1 - Oct 31 2002

AQUEOUS Ventura County Maritime Museum, August 1 - Sept. 30, 2000

A BRUSH WITH THE SEA, Neport Harbor Nautical Museum, Newport Beach CA '98

American Society of Marine Artists, Coos Bay Art Museum, Oregon, '98


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