Artist Statement -

All TransactionArt projects are interconnected, and make up the general outline of the TransactionArt world One project flows into another. It all started with the slogan “We are children of war, the war is money, money has no face, it is as simple as Transaction, we are children of the Transaction, we are children with hidden faces” - { M}. Transaction art originated in London when I was already consciously covering my people. So the heroes appeared with hidden faces - “hidden faces”. During this period appeared Collection of figures.

2. Officially, Transaction Art was presented in Amsterdam as part of a performance. Then on the floor of the church, where I was allocated a plot, I saw a plate with the inscription { M}. M - on this stove means that the stove belonged to some European eminent family. You can find this church in Amsterdam and see for yourself if this plate is unlikely to have been removed. M is SM L { M}. But this signature was created before my arrival in Amsterdam. I took it as a sign from above. httpsyoutu.beAi8DKitwBk4

3. Short films followed “Stories of the insides in a brief retelling” httpsyoutu.beqMZCiectaH4 and video art httpsyoutu.beJwsH6E7Bdpw. The main theme of all these works is hidden faces. In fact, these are stories about the dead, and their restless souls. Gehenny remember - Thats about the same thing.

4. Once I saw a video on the Internet In the city of Yekaterinburg, a girl lost consciousness from the cold, waiting for public transport. Urine hit me in the head, and I decided to save Russia through art and develop the theory of hidden faces. So the project was created Inglourious Basterds heat stops. For two years no one knew who the author of this project was. And I confirmed my theory of TransactionArt and hidden faces. “Inglourious Basterds warm stops - actionism with a length of 6 years. You know this story well, or you can easily find information about it.

5. Labyrinths of Transaction. I was on a small scale, and I introduced fashion to art. TransactionInFashion. This project flowed into the “History of Special Beauty”.

7. The dismembered body finds unity in the image of another lets play Gd. In the meantime, TransactionArt beasts were born.

8. Performances installations • “TransactionArt Eggs” - installations. On the one hand, these are the heads of my people hidden faces, on the other - the eggs from which the animals appeared. • “Error” - this is our already become relative, for which the collection of money continues.

9. TransactionInSelfie - in 2020 the whole world became the heroes of the TransactionArt world. The project was created in 2016 in Italy and moved very slowly until 2020. The project turned out to be prophetic. Masks are needed in order to become someone else and show individuality - { M} httpsinstagram.comtransaction_

Artist Exhibitions

Smoragdova is the author of the Transaction Art’s ideas.
2017 - The candidate for governor, Sverdlovsk region, Russia
2017 - HUMAN RIGHTS H2O, Italy
2017 - Art-exhibition, Trinitapoli, Italy
2017 - Museums at Night, Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art, Russia
2017 - Fashion week, Russia
2016- Women in Photo, London
2016 - art-exhibition, Oblaka, Ufa, Moscow, Russia
2016 - Performance, NCCA, Russia
2016, July - Museo Degli Ipogei, Trinitapoli, Italy
2016, May - Museums at Night, Russia
2016, Feb - Fashion week
2015 - HUMAN RIGHTS, Italy
2014 - till now - “THE CITY NEEDS WARM”, Russia
2015, Sep - Biennale, NCCA Russia
2015, July 15-25 - Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival Venice, Italy
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi,
2014 - The Armory show, NY
2013 - On-line Top 30 Saatchi’s Artists, London
2012 - GAA, Amsterdam
2010-2012 - Worked with Madonna as an artist for her show.
Hay Hills gallery, London
Shchukin Gallery, NY
2014 - The opening - the history of the interior
2013 - A short summery of the history of the interior
2013 - Amphitheatre - the history of the interior
2013 - Cartoon ASS...

Artist Publications


Artist Collections


For this moment I have 6 Art Projects Transaction

Transaction animals have always clear outlines and images.
Unlike people, they do not need to simulate or wear masks.
Animals adapt to the fact that people deprive them of nature, building houses, roads.
Animals also become urbanistic they cross a road to green traffic light. They know that in the garbage there is processed food.
Animals change the rules of their lives, silently and without indignation.
But they also become participants in the Transaction with a person.
And they undergo metamorphosis, saving their unique personality and traditions.


Creating portraits of power, my goal was to demonstrate that wealthy people are also people, but at some point they start being perceived only as a source of Transaction.
Other people are waiting for money and help, women say I need a part of what you earned with excessive work.
They are always under the sights of the masses journalists, people who ask for money or help from them.
The rich man becomes a Hidden Face because of the endless Transaction, which begins to attack him everywhere. He becomes lonely.
Any new man who comes to a wealthy person does not come to understand his personality, but to make another profitable Transaction with him.
And portraits of power are a collection of works that wants to understand what is happening to a person in reality, to understand his personality, because for the whole world he is just a Hidden Face, an ideal place for Transaction.
Rich and famous people are also people with their own fears, personality, emotions and experiences. But very few people will remember this.
In art and ideas of TRANSACTIONART, a person is exposed to the viewer, removing those masks that he is forced to wear by society. He says something that even the closest people should not know.
It turned out that behind the mask of even the happiest and most successful people there was always an unbearable pain. The condition of a persons existence in society, even in the society of people closest to him, is not to show this pain. The better he succeeds, the better he can integrate into society.


Money is a direct participant of Transaction.
This is Energy that does not leave anyone indifferent because of it people start wars, build cities, buy food.
Money is the immediate part of the Transaction between people.
When I created the Transaction project, the first slogan became
“We are the children of the war
The war is money
The money has no faces
Its so simple as Transaction.
We are the children of the Transaction
We are the children without faces.”
At some point you understand that money has two aspects they can be used both for good and for evil.
Money has value until they are devalued. But when they become a part of art, they become real worth.
And what if you combine what has such a huge impact, but at any time can only become a source for collecting, for example, obsolete formats of money and what is forever - art
Like this a series of paintings was born on banknotes.

its a mix of arts, performance, video arts, music
This is a Modern art project about the importance of spiritual world over material one. If the person chooses only
material world then everything around becomes a thing without soul, including the person himself or herself. Things do
not have faces, that is way people in transaction are shown without faces.

5. FAMOUS FOR 7 DAYS Art experiment photos, short-film

Idea Selfie Hidden Faces
I would like to propose that people from around the world submit their unique visions of “Hidden Faces.” Selfie a popular manifestation of identity on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Taking Selfie idea and turning it into HiddenFaceswould be a declaration and depiction of critical reality as a litmus test Transaction goes beyond just an image or idea, it would create a cluster of images and self-expressions that connect people from around the world and prove it’s real. This would make an international statement of “Transaction Network Art” on a global stage.
There is OPEN CALL for this moment.

Egg has 2 options, as shown in the pictures. Its size is 2 2.5 meters

Option 1.

The egg has an ideally glossy surface, and is located in the space where the ceilings and the width of the room are 6 meters or more. The whole room is already stretched with prepared in advance drawing. This is shown on picture 1. , The picture of the room and the audience are reflected n the ideal white surface of the egg.

2. The egg has a skeleton base - in this case, it is exposed on the street and its surface is covered with garlands, and inside there are light heads. Ideal egg for the dark time of the day. Because it starts to glow with different lights. Eggs of Transaction is the development of the Transaction Art The main feature ofTransaction is the closed faces of people.

Thus the egg has several symbols
1. This is the human head, the human intellect
2. Birth - because almost all living organisms emerged from the egg
3. Rebirth - thats why the egg has a broken shell - when the chicken is already born and went out to explore the world

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