Artist Statement -

The photographer William Bernard Brooks creates images of shamanic interludes.

Meditations in the forests and near hidden lakes in the Rocky Mountains in Montana provide an opportunity to align with energies that are still communicating with us.

In those moments, when form and intent, desire and surrender, knowledge and manifestation coalesce into joyful bliss, we find that gratitude is the noblest of expressions.

The artist creates a variety of motives in a series of eight signed and numbered carbon pigment prints.

Printed on famed Hahnemuehle Fine Art Paper:
German Etching 310 gsm
approx . 13 x 19 inches
Price: 1,200.00 US dollars per print

The book "SOUL CALLER"
with images and instructions for meditations will was published in 2007.
William Bernard Brooks is an artist whose work is shown in Europe and the United States in various galleries and publications.

He lives in Montana and dedicates his attention to the harmonious interaction of indigenous cultures, nature and the resulting applications in modern life.

Artist Exhibitions

Photokina, Cologne
Modern Age, New York
O'Shaugnessy, Whitefish
Hockaday Museum of Art, Kalispell
The Loft Gallery, Whitefish
Sacred Dancing Gallery, Bigfork
Dehli Arts Center
Gold Dust Gallery, Missoula
Anahi, Santa Cruz


Artist Publications

5.0 out of 5 stars Reality is the interface, July 5, 2010
By Jan Amkreutz (Corona, CA United States)

This review is from: Soul caller (Paperback)
If you believe that reality is all there is, buy this treasure anyway; then, play the movie of images in it, and discover a hundred new creatures in the universe of your own mind. If you already believe that reality is what you make of it, drown yourself in the intriguing realities of this book, and discover a thousand narratives emerging from the depth of your mind. If, however, you have already learned that that human spirit lies beyond reality, that reality is just the interface, absorb the images in this palete of colors and words, and discover the fullness of you own spirit, expanding it by doing so. Either way, do your soul a favor - read soulcaller.
Jan Amkreutz, author Digital Spirit: Minding the future

5.0 out of 5 stars Revealing, simplistic, visually stunning, some have living quality, fluid, mesmeric, June 29, 2010
By Wasabi -

This review is from: Soul caller (Paperback)

Soul Caller fuses native american wisdoms and simple quiet feelings of ones inner self with almost impressionistic images. The book has a peaceful overtone that leads you from one image to the next as if you were wondering down a path that was both wondrous yet familiar.

" We know that the body is a world of imagination, and that is the essence of its soul. We might do more for its health by looking seriously at the artworks that reveal some of the body's expressiveness than by taking vitamins and doing exercises. An unimagined body is on its way toward disease. - From "Core of the Soul" by Thomas Moore

5.0 out of 5 stars Connection to the inner Self, May 7, 2010
By Andreas Tenzer (Cologne, Germany) -

This review is from: Soul caller (Paperback)
In a world consumed by consumerism where everything yells at us, it is not easy to perceive the call of the soul. " Soulcaller" by William B. Brooks builds a golden bridge between surface and depth. The technique used by the renowned photographer is as simple as it is genial. He achieves, in a miraculous way, to merge nature and art, reality and possibility by permitting objects to become transparent that means the soul of the thing becomes visible.
For me, his art works are magical power images, which connect me in an immediate way to what Goethe once called " that ,which holds the essence of the world together". They mirror in a subtle way the oneness of all and reward the thoughtful observer with a spontaneous connection to his inner Self, which is nothing else but the "World Soul" itself. I can only recommend to accept these pictures and feel what they will do to you, after the motto. "Who feels it knows it".
Even so, no words are necessary; the short meditative text delivers a successful enrichment to the reader.

Brooks invites us to share his existential journey.,

May 3, 2010
By Eugene D. Tunick (Montana, USA) -

This review is from: Soul caller (Paperback)
As I know William Bernard Brooks to be a prominent portrait photographer, I expected Soul Caller to be a book of beautiful photographs. What I found was a complete surprise: a series of images, probably based on photographs, resembling paintings reminiscent of Matisse and other French impressionists, with a suggestion of abstractionism. They definitely aren't French, but are anchored in Native American occultism - serving as metaphors of early Indians seeking the meaning of existence. Each image is accompanied by a Haiku describing a spiritual experience. I couldn't resist going back repeatedly to explore the imagery and to let the Haikus insinuate themselves into my consciousness. Brooks invites us to share his existential journey.

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