Artist Statement -

PDarts is a Melbourne-based creative studio that grew up on a well-known image editing software and uses it in all of its work. Driven and motivated to find creative outcomes, we use the computer as a tool and are comfortable working on it like a painter using a brush, for instance, finding inspiration through experimenting, which fosters the creation of new forms. Without fear of rules, conventions, or technical limitations, we mix different techniques and visual influences into our work. In our visual expression we love finding new ways to make images and for unexpected things to happen. We have a liking for abstract forms non-objective compositions and try to explore a lot more with colour. Usually what we have been doing so far, we just sit there layering images and see what comes out of it something that is completely unplanned. That is where we find that potential to grow and move forward in ways we didnt plan. The creative process itself is an experiment, becoming creative about the creation.

Artist Exhibitions

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seville, Spain
Turin, Italy
Helsinki, Finland
Melbourne, Australia

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Photographic images appeared in British and Australian photographic magazines
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