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Please check back soon. I am in the process of getting my artist statement finalized.

Artist Exhibitions

14.10.-14.11.2008: Oktobersalon, Krusevac, Serbia, collective

10.06.-24.06.2007: Mp Art Cafe, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective

01.06.-05.06.2006: Strosmajerowa - open space gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective

05.05.-20.05.2004: Multimedia Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective

01.02.-01.03.2004: Sava Sumanovic gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition

10.05.-10.06.2003: Latino Cafe gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition

01.10.-30.10.2004: Museum of Revolution, Novi Sad, Serbia collective

10.09.-24.10.2002: ArtClinica gallery, Minijature 2002, Novi Sad, Serbia collective

01.05.-15.05.2002: Kuca Simica gallery, Krusevac, Serbia collective

01.10.-01.11.2002: City art gallery, Young 2002, Krusevac, Serbia, collective

24.10.-18.11.2000: Vreme zrelosti, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective

01.11.-25.11.1998: ARCO gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, collective

01.10.-30.10.1997: Milo Milunovic talent gallery, Krusevac, Serbia, collective

25.05.-30.06.1997: Gymnasium Gallery Krusevac, Serbia, solo exhibition

10.10.-17.10.1992: Vuk Karadzic, Art colony, Trsic, Yougoslavia, collective


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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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