Artist Statement -

I should have never became an artist. For years my attempts at writing graffiti were ridiculed my work laughed at and dismissed as garbage. I have been fascinated with art since I first saw graffiti. I never gave up and practiced daily until a style emerged. Graffiti has opened my mind to other art forms. I currently paint canvasses and murals and draw portraits with various media. I have also been a tattooist for 2 decades. I get my inspiration from the way Im feeling at that particular moment. I try to incorporate things I see or experience on a regular basis whenever possible while Im producing a piece of art. I will never stop creating and always try learning new techniques. I was determined to be an artist and it has led me here. Lets see what the future holds. I am always interested in collaborating with other artists to see what kind of creative chemistry can be discovered.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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