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My "artist's eye" seeks both the extraordinary and the ordinarily-overlooked moments in nature, and presents them in a way that allows the viewer to see what I've seen--and loved enough to want to share it.
My regional landscapes, painted in oil, capture the rural flavor of the Wood River Valley in Idaho where I've lived and worked for over 30 years. Previously, California coastal areas were my genre. My love of the ocean and its awesome infinity is equaled in the grandeur and peace of the nearby mountains --again, infinite subjects for my paintings.
Just as my professional training in graphic design at Art Center School in Los Angeles served me well when I turned my creative skills to easel painting, this then enabled me to move with ease and enthusiasm when sculpture 'found me', and I learned to see with new eyes--in 3 dimensions now! My sculptures are figurative, of people or animals, and I seem to have special ability to capture the likeness and personality of my subjects. While I consider myself to be primarily self-taught, I continue to seek out other professional painters and sculptors whose work I admire, with whom to study in workshops in the U.S. and Canada, in France and Mexico as well. I frequently exhibit in juried shows nationwide, including the prestigious National Sculpture Society.
Early in my career I learned to respect not only my creative integrity, but my clients' needs as well, thereby eliminating conflicts when doing commissioned work, be it a custom painting or a commissioned sculpted portrait.
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“We have to have a devilish amount of vanity to believe that what comes out of our brain is more valuable than what we see around us. Imagination doesn’t take us very far, whereas, the world is so immense. Even if we walked all our lives, we shouldn’t see the end of it.” August Renoir

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