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In real life when we see a strange, distorted figure, we often look on with sadness if not pity, this is because, we are not use to seeing the "unusual" or the "uncommon". But in a gallery a distorted figure or an unusual object or the "uncommon "has a status. Just the fact it is in a gallery indicates its worthines as a piece. We admire it and we take time to appreciate it, we praise its painter, we look at the painting with admiration not pity. There's no pity, just envy about how the artist portrayed the so called "unusual" or the " uncommon" so beautifully. This to me is a positive thing. It represents a kind of justice. For me paintings and artwork should extend the boundaries of what is considered " normal ". Only then we can understand the value of experimental work, the value of many movements, the value of abstract and distorted work,the value of work which does not make sense, yet it's value becomes relevant in a society where status has its relevance or that we try to understand its value by trying to understand it because it is art work and it is in a gallery where it has a merit and is well taken care off.

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