Artist Statement -

My art tells a nonlinear story that emerges from my dreams and memories. I am drawn to the dynamic between past and present,to what can be seen and what is invisible and the connection of the conscious to the unconscious mind. I work with portraits, old photos, materials, textures and objects that reflect their history. I am attracted to things that are imperfect, tactile, raw edged or torn. I juxtapose disjointed bits and pieces in the way that the mind replays the past.

Artist Exhibitions

2000-2004 Museum of American Illustration, New York
2004 Quilts For Change, Ohio
2004 "I remember Mama", International Quilt Festival, Houston and Den Hague
2002 1st Dimensional Salon, Museum of American Illustration, New York
2000 Sheridan College Fiber Show Oakville, Canada
1997 Salmagundi Gallery, New York
1997/92 CAPIC Toronto, Canada
1996094 Prime Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1993-90 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
1991 Gallery Beaux Arts, Toronto
1991 Daniels Corporation
1991 John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada


Artist Publications

"Susan Leopold blurs the lines between commercial and fine art work"
Catherine Fishel, Step by Step Graphics vol.12 no.6

"She buries and builds significant objects... The closer you look the more you'll find."
Winnie Czulinski, Applied Arts Magazine Vol.13 no.5...

Artist Collections

Bell Canada
Boston Harbour Hotel
Canadian Bookseller's Association
Canadian Microsoftware
Confederation Life
First Base Inc.
Harcourt Brace
National Trust
New York University

Artist Favorites