Artist Statement -

The journey begun in Europe and crossed the Atlantic to flourish on one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean.
On Curacao just as in Hungary and Austria the beauty of the country, nature and population enchanted me and it shows in my works all the passion, the harmony and the beauty which I've never been able to stop looking for.
The endless horizon, the bright colors and the warmth all year long inspire me to work without limitation in time, space and mind.
I want to share with you all this creative, passionate feelings for mosaic art on the following pages, offering some workshops and classes in the studio and give you the possibility to own some of my works by buying online.
Welcome in the world of mosaic art without limitations, beyond imagination online, life or through the purchased art projects created by me.
Susan Rudolf

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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