Artist Statement -

“My intention is to visually demonstrate, thru color, tone, and composition, energy and the underlying movement within All of life. Energy of life is evident to me, I wish to bring it to the attention of the viewer, to enhance perception, to lift the soul. I wish to express the beauty which I see and feel in this adventure which we call ‘life’. To move beyond limitation, expressing movement to find a freedom beyond rational execution of genuine activity.”

Artist Exhibitions

Recent exhibitions:
March 2003 Chicago Ill.USA 1633 Gallery
June 2003 Chicago Ill USA Faces Gallery
June 2004 Malzeville France La Douera
July 2004 Munich Germany Ublacker-Hausel Gallery
Sept. 2004 Atlanta Ga.USA International Art Expo
March 2005 New York City USA International Art Expo
April 2005 Cincinnati Ohio USA Contemporary Arts Center CAC
October2005 Cincinnati Ohio USA Hyde Park
March 2006 Nancy France Lez Arts
April 2006 Cincinnati Ohio USA FACC Gala
June 2006 Malzeville France La Douera
July 2006 Nancy France MJC Pichon
Jully 2006 Puy L’eveque Fance Gallerie Delmas
August 2006 Nancy France Les Oliviers
October 2006 Cincinnati Ohio USA Hyde Park
October 2006 Louisville KY USA St.James Show
July 2007 Cahors France Gallerie Cr’d Art
August 2007 Cincinnati Ohio USA Urban Eden
October 2007 Cincinnati Ohio USA Hyde Park


Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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