Artist Statement -

The key to accomplishment lies in breaking barriers and phobias that keep us from being what we truly are, a free spirit with unfathomable capacities enough to knock on heaven’s door. Art is the expression of such a spirit that takes into account everything which exists in the tangible world and mixes it with the metaphysical. This page is dedicated to all the endeavors one goes through to achieve the seemingly impossible because the journey within ourselves is seldom explored.
My freedom of expression takes inspiration through connecting the dots to unravel reality itself, its greatest mysteries, and the struggle we all face in our lives. My work takes into account various creative platforms, including
• Digital Art
• Illustration
• Doodle
• Sketch
• Digital Sketches
• all other ideation related materials
Be sure to like and comment on my work, critique is accepted so that I can further improve myself.

Artist Exhibitions

A way of expression, my thoughts, perception revolving around the inspirations aspirations I have acquired from life itself the lessons I learned.

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Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

Artist Favorites

Syed Waqas  Saghir, , , Original Drawing Charcoal, size_width{sailing_ship_charcoal_sketch-1522774887.jpg} X
Original Charcoal Drawing, 2018
40 x 33 inches (101.6 x 83.8)
Syed Waqas  Saghir, , , Original Drawing Charcoal, size_width{warrior_monster_charcoal_art-1522772241.jpg} X
Original Charcoal Drawing, 2018
40 x 33 inches (101.6 x 83.8)

Personal Favorites

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