Artist Statement -

Tadeush Zhakhovskyy, pastel artist.
Artist statement.
Part 1. My method.
When I am working on a painting, I observe that the space of a painting starts to deflect my initial idea and prompts me to the new and unexpected ways. The painting, in fact, starts managing the process of creating itself and complicating my original idea.
For example, I have started another painting and pictured something. Now I try to
grope for further shapes and colors, and then I intend to picture, let’s say, a flower. And it happens as this: I’ve had an idea about how to picture the flower and I begin doing that according to my plan. Then I suddenly see that the painting rejects my idea of a flower, but “offers its own idea” instead, a kind of flower idea too, but nothing similar to mine.
Here it’s clear to me that if I "stand my ground" about how to draw a flower, it will be more safe and sure for me – it’ll be less risky to spoil the painting (using pastel you can’t overlay one color with another.) If, however, I draw it "prompted by the painting" – the result will be almost "at random".

And then I realize that if I make a drawing "my way", it will be just the case when the painting will be spoiled! Totally, moreover!
Over time, I repeatedly found that I should draw not "a flower" but "the Painting".
A Painting brings me into "a Color Dimension”.
My creative approach is to not interfere with this.

Part 2. My basics.

From my perspective, my artworks are not the reflections of any of my everyday emotions, feelings or attitudes.
Being engaged in fine arts for about 30 years, I noticed that the power that gives you creativity can act paradoxically to the inner world of an artist and their sensations of outside world.
I think that Creativity, an Art - is just another shape of Life that exists within us or nearby and it can exist right now, paradoxically to any thoughts, images, feelings and social prejudices.
I think that I convey in my paintings not a something that IS around or within me but rather that is NOT there. And due to the picture – it’s appearing there.
Before I begin the next painting, I have only some kind of new combined image, most likely, “thrown to me by a Creativity who was scampering about here.” And now I feel like inner childish desire, a demand: "I want thi-i-s!!!”
But, a Creativity seems not very concerned about how do I "transfer into reality” that thrown-to-me-image. I need to puzzle out this image first ("What’s that?!!!”) then I need to fit it to the composition of a painting and deal with colors. And, finally, I am to put myself together, I am to switch off the outside world and to make my way again through this, familiar to every artist, difficult, complicated and weird process of making a painting.
And in the end, I confess I don’t understand sometimes - why it's pictured this way?
But I am fairly sure of the mood which brought the painting on and which, I dare to hope, is attached to the painting.
A mood is innate to the image – that’s what fine art all about to me.

Artist Exhibitions



2011 – Participant of International Exhibition "SLAVIC ART DAYS IN BERLIN" as a part of "GERMAN ART WEEK ‘ Winter - 2010", Berlin, Germany.
2010 – First Prize winner in "UKRAINIAN ART WEEK ’Fall - 2010", first place in "Avantgarde & Experimental painting professional contest", with "Smooth Jazz" and “Chicago, 4 p.m.” paintings. 2010 - International Exhibition & Competition "UKRAINIAN ART WEEK ’Fall - 2010", Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2009 - Prize winner in "UKRAINIAN ART WEEK ’2009", Second place by international jury selection in "Avantgarde painting professional contest", with "Violinist" painting. 2009 - International Exhibition & Competition "UKRAINIAN ART WEEK ’2009", Kyiv, Ukraine.
2007 - Magnificent Mile Art Festival, Chicago, Illinois, USA
2006 - Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival, Evanston, Illinois, USA
2005 - Belmont Arts and Music Fest, Roscoe Village, Chicago, Illinois, USA
2004 - Ukrainian Village Fest, Chicago, Illinois, USA


2010 - “WUNJO-ART” Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2003 - "TadikArt event at the Ranch", Saint Jo, Texas, USA
2003 - "TadikArt event at Kuman's", Boston, Massachusetts, USA
1983 - Participant of Republican Exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine.


1987 - Design & implementation of Students Cafe interior at Welding faculty building of Kyiv Politechnical Institute, Ukraine.

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