Artist Statement -

My art affects people strongly. People I have never met tell me things about what happens: they cry, they start painting again, they reconsider choices in their lives....

My art is dangerous, seductive, intense, enigmatic.

My art reflects my passion of striving for freedom in the world.

My art goes beyond the accepted idea of solid linear reality.

Artist Exhibitions

A One Day Show at Dallington Street London July 2002
The Global Cafe, Golden Square, London May 2002
Salon Mondial Luxembourg April/May 2002
Photography 2002 New York April/May 2002 London May 2002
GorainMotus Eyedrum Gallery Atlanta April 2002
The Voyeur solo show "Reality Burn" Olympia, WA May 17 2002
Bottoms Up Washington April/May 2002
The Peace Show Washington Jan 2002...

Artist Publications


Work of Olympia, Washington Photographer Tantra Bensko Wins Ribbon in International Juried Exhibition in Luxembourg, the Salon Mondial de l’Art Photographique.

The Photo-Club organizes yearly 2-3 exhibitions accepting up to 300 prints in the Art Gallery of the City Theater. The exhibition is open during 3 weeks, every day, except on Monday. Entry is free.
The most famous of this exhibitions is the yearly renewed international challenge called « Salon Mondial de l´Art Photographique » , well known all over the world, with the Label of ‘Image sans Frontière’ and under the auspices of FIAP and PSA. The 38th edition will take place in april 2002

The exhibition lasts 3 weeks at the Théatre d'Esch . Open every day except mondays. The visit is free.
The photos by the winners and results can be seen online at
Tantra Bensko’s Polaroid transfer is the only accepted piece from the USA in the experimental section. She won the ribbon. Her work is also exhibiting currently in major gallery shows in London, New York, and Atlanta. Her solo show is coming up May 17 at The Voyeur, in Olympia, with whimsical surreal videos playing at the opening that evening. Her work is also featured this month in The Pedestal Magazine, Exquisite Corpse Magazine, Logascene. Look for it in Seattle’s Raven’s Quarterly.
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Artist Collections

Powell Estates, Powell, Alabama, USA
The infamous Annie Oakley, Olympia, WA, USA
Kosmo's Ranch of Raunch, Tumwater, Wa, USA
Eyes of a Stranger, Lacey, WA USA
Joe Elder, New York, USA
Alissa Nielson, Seattle, WA, USA
Taraka Serrano, Hawaii, USA
Mr Carl Falck, London, UK
Lorax, Tacoma, WA, USA
Linda of the Flowers, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Jesse the Jeweler, USA


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