Artist Statement -

I have been painting chickens for the last 20 years- beginning with the advertizing of our family’s poultry farm business thru the eventual move of my studio into the defunct slaughterhouse. Somehow chickens fall easily from my brush, leaving painstaking impressions of my psyche and chronicling retrospective concerns of my community- such as the source of food, the use of land, the clarity of love, the isolation of individuals. With the inclusion of text from headlines to personal lists, stories emerge and dissolve through the process of the painting. Layering in the push and pull of darks and lights, the paintings gel into a narratives of our anxious era, a larger tale of the moods of soul and season.

Because of the space and time I am afforded to work, much of my painting up to this has been intimate in dimension. I would like to enlarge the images to a much more confrontational scale. I recently moved out of the poultry slaughterhouse (because of ventilation needs) into a much larger barn. My goal is to further push the images so that they reflect the chicken as legend in our cultural mythology and account for my current truths.

Artist Exhibitions

Celebrating Women's History: Marching On
March 5-27 at the Howland Cultural Center
Beacon, NY, USA

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Artist Collections

MetroNorth Poughkeepsie Train Station, NY, USA
The Southampton Inn, LI, NY, USA
The Kildonan School, Amenia, NY, USA
The Maplebrook School, Amenia, NY, USA
The Schoolhouse Theater, Croton Falls, NY
Dutchess County Tourism, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
First Congregational Church, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
The Durango Herald, CO, USA

and a few of my recent collectors:
Mr. Stephen Kaye, Millbrook, NY, USA
Ms. Ramie Little, Atlanta, GA, USA
Pasternack-Brown, Miami, FL, USA
Mr. and Mrs Paillard, Paris, FRANCE
Gardner Cowles, Southampton, LI, NY, USA
Mr. and Mrs Trotta, Millerton, NY, USA
Mr. and Mrs Dedrick, Wassaic, NY, USA
Dr. Frederique, Port-au-Prince, HAITI
Ms. Czernin, Lakeville, CT, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Chicago, IL
Mr. and Mrs Long, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Ms. Thomas, NYC, NY, USA


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