Artist Statement -

Tim, age 67 years, is an internationally renowned mural artist and sculptor. Born with a natural talent for art, at age 22 years Tim decided to pursue a career as an artist. He studied at the National Art School, Sydney and received an Artists Development Grant from the Australia Council. He now has 45 years of professional artistic development to bring to his work. Since the mid 1980s his murals, canvas paintings and sculpture have attracted an enormous amount of television and press coverage both nationally and globally. A few image examples of Tims work are included in this portfolio which clearly show the wide range of materials and techniques this artist has mastered. He includes sculpture effects in murals. He has painted his sculptures and even uses internal illumination as well as mechanical movement in sculpture. Much of Tims artwork has a theme of multicultural Australia and our Aboriginal heritage. I have known Tim for over 30 years. I was a young television journalist when I was first assigned to film his murals and interview the artist.
Recently in October 2017 Tim wanted to unveil his break through work Enlightenment on the world stage. He exhibited two large Light Sculpture installations in the XI Florence International Contemporary Art Biennale, in Florence Italy. Tims Installations were awarded the First Prize gold medal, which is called the Lorenzo Il Magnifico award.
Rebecca Le Tourneau. Producer, Film Television, Sydney, Australia.

Artist Exhibitions

Tims public murals are permanently on display in public places. He chose not to exhibit his artwork in commercial galleries because he would then need to focus on creating art that sells and on entering many competitions to try to win art prizes. Instead he chose to remain free to paint what was in his heart, mind and soul, free to create art that can engage the viewers heart, mind and soul.

Tims art work has been well documented and exhibited by television and press interviews and film since 1986 when ABC TV Australia State of the Arts program interviewed him and filmed his mural and canvas work. Via the media many millions of people around the globe were able to view his art which would not be possible via commercial gallery exhibitions.

There have been various National and International television interviews with Tim and footage taken of his murals, sculptures, paintings and other coverage of his artwork. Each media company has archival footage available. Some examples of television coverage are as follows

a. Channel 10’s Prime Time News
- in 1991, covered my mural at Macquarie University and Tim was interviewed by Eddy Myer
- in 1995, covered his mural at Stanmore
- in 1996, covered his next mural at Stanmore
b. Channel 10’s Good Morning Australia
- on about 15 September 1986, interviewed Tim and filmed his Public Murals
- on about 23 November 1988, interviewed him and filmed his Public Murals
- on about 20 April 1990, Sydney with Mike Gibson, filmed Tim’s Public Murals
c. In relation to Channel 9
- In 1989 Bourke’s Backyard filmed Tim’s Public Murals
- On 26 September 1990, Midday Show with Ray Martin, interviewed Tim and covered his Public Murals, and filmed him working as a scenic artist at the Sydney Theatre Company
- On 24th January 1991, the Today Show covered his Bondi Beach mural and he was interviewed via a live cross by Liz Hayes
- in 1995, A Current Affair with Howard Gibbs interview him and covered some of his Public Murals in Sydney
- on about 3 May 2018, A Current Affair reported on him and showed two of his Public Murals
- On 2 May 1986, Channel 7’s Prime time News covered Tim’s Public Murals.
- On 7 July 1987, Channel 7’s TWT filmed his Public Murals.
- In 1987 a Swedish TV documentary filmed his Public Murals.
- In 1987 Alan Whicker interviewed Tim and covered his Public Murals for the Whicker’s World documentary. I am also aware that this documentary was televised in 1987 in the UK on the BBC, and was first shown in Australia 30 December 1988 on Channel 7, and was shown again on Chanel 7 two years later on 30 March 1990.
- On 23 February 1989, Channel 3’s NBN News filmed Tim’s large canvas mural painting.
- On 10 May 1986, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC State of the Arts program filmed his Public Murals and interview him.
- On 17 June 1987, an SBS documentary included a long interview with Tim by Rebecca Le Tourneau and film of his Public Murals.

Tim’s artwork has also been featured in Australian and Overseas Newspapers and Magazines such as

- The Sydney Morning Herald five times including a large front page photo, covering his Public Murals and the mural at Macquarie University between 1986 to 1996, the dates of those SMH publications are 26 April 1986, 6 December 1986, 30 July 1987, 24 January 1991, and the front page photo was in relation to the Macquarie University mural in about 1991
- Time Australia twice, 21 July 1986 and again on 29 December which included “Images ’86” in which Tim’s Public Murals were held by Time magazine to be one of the three most important events in Australia that Time covered in 1986. The 1st was the Pope meeting Bob Hawke, the 2nd was the people at the former whaling port in Albany WA rescuing beached whales, and 3rd Tim’s Public Murals
- The Sunday Telegraph featuring photos of his murals
- The Age featuring photos of his murals
- December issue 1988 of Personal Success magazine, which included an interview and photos of Tim’s large canvas murals
- Woman’s Day magazine featuring photos of his murals
- The Bulletin, which included an article written by Tim and photos of his artwork.
- Sunday Mail Brisbane, 18 February 1990, coverage of his murals and paintings.
- The Guardian on 19 July 2020 featuring the Street Art mural Tim created at Redfern among a selection of images showing highlights from around the world and
- Agencia EFE- EPA European media, on about 30 July 2020 used an image of the Street Art mural Tim created at Redfern in a story about the Australian Prime Minister claiming he will close the inequality gap for Aboriginals.

Artist Publications

Since 1986 the television and print media have followed Tim's artistic career. He had no PR agent, nor did he seek media coverage, rather the media were attracted by his mural images. An abbreviated list of that media coverage follows:

Television: - Interviews with the artist and footage of the murals:

BBC UK Documentaries.
Various European Documentary films.
In Australia all 5 national TV channels, as follows:
10– Prime time News (3 times),
Good Morning Australia (twice), and others.
9 – A Current Affair (twice),
Today (3 times), Midday, Burke’s Backyard, etc.
7 – Prime time News,
TWT, Whickers World documentary.
2 – State of the Arts program,
Documentaries "Out of Sight, Out of Mind",
Documentary "The Big House", and Gardening Australia.
0 - SBS TV various Documentaries.

Press: - Interviews and photos:

Sydney Morning Herald (5 times including large front page photo), Time (twice) including “Images ’86 in which the murals were held by Time to be one of the three most important events in Australia Time covered in 1986.
Sunday Telegraph, The Age, Personal Success, Woman’s Day,
The Bulletin and other local and regional press coverage.

The set of four Long Bay Prison murals (see page 3 of this Portfolio) have become the most prolifically filmed (by TV & Press) art work in Australia. Those murals have also received wide expert critical acclaim and are now protected by a Heritage Order....

Artist Collections

State Government of NSW, Australia 15 major murals, 3 sandstone sculptures and 1 canvas.
Ocean Park, Hong Kong China, major mural.
Warner Bros Theme Park, Germany, major sculptures.
City of Sydney Council, Australia, 2 major murals.
Optus Corporation, Melbourne Australia, 3 major murals.
Coca Cola, Melbourne Australia, major sculpture.
Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, major mural.
South Australian Museum, mural and sculpture.
Barrister W. Flynn Sydney, Australia, major canvas.
Kay Valder Sydney, Australia, major canvas.
Tim Guider Sydney, Australia, major canvases, many drawings and sculptures.
Various other private collectors, mainly canvases, drawings, sculpture and some murals.

Artist Favorites