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I’m Romeo Dobrota from Toronto, Canada There is no doubt that I was born with the passion and talent of producing fine art for the intellectual and emotional enjoyment of myself and the public. My art is born at the intersection of philosophy, astronomy, healing, and psychology. The focus of my studies done in Europe and Canada was on sculpture, painting, mosaic, design, cartoon, and Byzantine art. One who contemplates my artwork will notice surprising materials and techniques as a result of my genuine curiosity and excitement of exploring less traveled roads.
As such, in early 1990’s in my paintings may introduce 3D elements inspired from sculpture and use beautiful colored organic bee wax with 24 K gold leaves, to create powerful images, ideas and feelings related techniques like a Historical Egyptian’s technology paintings, sarcophagus, inside of pyramids etc.
I studied The Byzantine Art, at Saint Vladimir Institute from Toronto, and mosaic at Mount Nebo, Jordan I’m fascinated by Universe … Galaxy … Space … Time … Infinite … Light … Soul … History, Religion
The same in 1990’s I started to place the human form against the landscape in an attempt of revealing the complex intellectual and emotional nature of our beings. As an artist I truly believe that art has a great power of easing metaphysical restlessness and alleviate anxieties, so many of my ideas and color palette glorify the mind and soul. Later in that same decade, I started to bring at the core of my art geometric shapes combined with elements of astronomy in which the public finds a sense of liberation and healing even beyond the individual experience, at the societal level. This important milestone in my artistic life coincides of course with the immersion from a totalitarian regime into a world free of censorship and avid to embrace new ideas and artistic expressions.
Throughout the years I participated in series of exhibitions, most significant being in 2010 at the Art Gallery of Ontario, for which I was praised in Toronto Sun 20101108. In 2019 my arts were got comment in different news papers New York Magazine – New York, Observatory – Toronto, and in Amsterdam I did 2 different television’s interviews for Netherland and Portugal. As such in 2019 I did on line interview regarding the Contemporary Art Station Barcelona In the same year, 2019, came with a multitude of exhibition projects, and I would not be wrong to say that this is one of the most successful years for the recognition of the value of my artwork. Throughout the year 2019 I participated to a group exhibitions at Hittite Gallery Yorkville Toronto 4 exhibitions, International Fir Art Tokyo, Contemporary Art Station Barcelona, International Art Fair in Amsterdam, Parks Gallery in Austria, Carousel Moderns Art Louvre in Paris, Middle East Arts Collectors Catalog, Next year 2020 I will participate to several other exhibitions in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Film Festival Arts Cannes France, Basel Switzerland, Munich, Vienna etc. My artwork can be found in permanent display in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Enjoy my art at my
Thank you for taking time to contemplate my art.
Enjoy the beauty

Artist Exhibitions

My Website
-Vienna, Austria, Paks Gallery, Art Project Dont STOP to LIVE to the UNESCO International Day of living together in the PEACE.The Art Project is organized by MAMAG Modern Art Museum in cooperation with the PAKS Gallery, Art Market Observer Magazine and MOCAMAG Museum.
-Cannes, France, with Paks Gallery, Film Festival, Exhibition, in May 2022 postponed from 2020, 2021
-New York, Manhattan, 92-94 Pier Street, with ArtUp, Close Gallery, in April 2022 postponed from 2020
-Basel, Swiss, With Paks Gallery Vienna, Exibition, in May 2022
-Vienna, Austria, Exhibitions with Paks Gallery Vienna, Austria, Exhibition, 2022
-Hubertendorf, Austria, Exhibitions with Paks Gallery, Vienna Austria, Exhibition, 2022
-Munchen, Germany, Exhibitions with Paks Gallery Vienna, Austria, Exhibition, 2022
-New York, Manhattan, 92-94 Pier Street, with ArtUp Close Gallery, Exhibition, November 2021
-Montreal, Canada, Gallea Art Gallery, Canadian Ministry Federal Of Justice, November 2021
-Montreal, Canada, Gallea Art Galery, Exhibition, in October-November, 2021
-Munchen, Germany, Paks Gallery, Exhibition Munchen, 2019-2021
-Vienna, Austria, Paks Gallery, Exhibition in Vienna, 2019-2021
-Humbertendorf Castle, Austria, Paks Gallery, Exhibition in Castle Humbertendorf 2019-2021
-Paris, France, Carousel Moderns Art Louvre in Paris, Exhibition, 2019
-Amstedam, Nethelands, Beurs van Berlage, Exhibition, 2019
-Barcelona, Spain, Contemporany art Station, Exhibition, 2019
-Tokyo, Japan, Rappongy Gallery, Exhibitiob, 2019
-Toronto, Canada, York Ville Hittite Gallery, Exhibitions, 2010-2019
-Toronto, Canada, George Brwon College, Exhibitions, 2005-2010
-Art Galery of Ontario, Exhibition Victorian Photo Collage and News Paper Toronto Sun 2010
-Toronto, Canada, Exhibition, Saint Vladimir Institute, 2005-2010
-Toronto, Canada, Exhibition, Metropolitan Church, 2010
-Toronto, Canada, All Saint Church, Exhibition 2005-2010
-Champs of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Exhibition 2005-2010
-Marble Sculpture and Painting Exhibitions in different East European Countries, 1980-1990
-Florence, Italy, Borgheze Palace, International Price Leonardo Da Vinci, for Universal Artrist, bronze sculpted Trophy, 2020
-Roma, Italy, International Price, Ambasador of Art, 2021.
-Middle East Art Collectors Catalog Vol. 2, virtual Exhibition and Catalog, 2019
-Italy, Art International Contemporary Magazin, Catalogs, 2021
-Tokyo International Art Fair Catalog, 2019.
-Amsterdam International Art Fair Catalog, 2019.
-Art Market Observer Magazin, nr. 1 2020
-My artworks can be found in permanent display in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.
I made over 650 artworks paintings oil, acrylic, Bes Wax, water colors, sculptures, mosaics, Byzantine icons
Over 50 Mass Medias publications about my artworks
MORE INFORMATION IN my Website, you can find posted over 300 artworks


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-Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, South Arabia, UEA, South Korea, Hungary, Romania, Germany ......

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