Artist Statement -

The material doesn't need to be filled with words. It speaks for itself. It is our consciousness that has to translate it for us.
My work is a loyal mirror of our societies, a reflection of a fragment from the thin line between fiction and reality.

Tirzo Martha 2004

Artist Exhibitions


2004 "Digestion", Insight Art Galerie, Aruba
2003 "Destiny; shunning the journey", BCN Art Directe, Barcelona
2002 "De Drenkeling", Center for Contemporary Art Dordrecht,
2001 "Requiem", Curaçao Museum, Curaçao
2000 "To do stations of the Cross", Post Office, Curaçao
1999 "Climaxx", Huize Halman, Curaçao
1986 Collection of designed fashion for men and women


2003 Reed Foundation Award
2003 Nominated for a price at the International Assemblage Artist
in Berlin
2004 Selected by the Dutch State to propose a design for a Special
Euro Coin
2005 Designed a special coin for the celebration of the 25th year
of Queen Beatrix as Queen of the Dutch Kingdom for the
Netherlands Antilles
2005 Commissioned to make a art work as a gift for Queen Beatrix
from the Netherlands


2005 "Arad Biennale", Romania
2004 "Intnl. Assemblage Artist", Gallery Oder 24, Berlin
2004 "Kere den Arte", Gallery Bloemhof, Curacao
2003 "Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea", Florence
2003 "Flores", Gallery BCN Art Directe, Barcelona
2003 "International Assemblage Artist Exhibition", Gallery 24,
2003 "The Heritage of Slavery", Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, Netherland
2003 "Laman", Riffort Village, Curacao N.A.
2003 Gallery International, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
2003 "Estetica Nobo", Access Art Galery, Aruba
2003 "Resusita", Temporary art Gallery, Curacao N.A.
2003 "Memorianan fragmenta y...", Galeria Insight, Aruba
2003 "Made in Curacao", Gallery Bloemhof, Curacao N.A.
2002 "Otrabanda Vieja", Temporary Gallery, Curacao N.A.
2002 "Gallery Le Balize,Duo exhibition, Curacao N.A.
2002 "Galeria de Arte Universal", Santiago, Cuba
2002 "Forever Green", Galeria Insight, Aruba
2001 "Arte Vision '01", Villa Maria, Curaçao
2001 "Sè Sua", duo exhibition in Oud Krispijn, Netherland
2001 "IV Biennial of the Caribbean, Sto.Domingo, Dom. Rep.
2001 "Antillean Artists", Galeria Mi Sono, Netherland
2001 "Art Project 2001",Curaçao Museum, Curaçao
2001 "I came by Boat", Maritiem Museum, Curaçao
2001 "Open Monumenten dag", duo exhibition, Curaçao
2000 "Project San Pedro", duo enviromental art exhibition, Curaçao
2000 "Watamula the Breathing Holes", International artists workshop
and exhibiton by Triangle Trust, Curaçao
2000 "Laman Chiki", Maritiem Museum, Curaçao
1998 "Artistanan di Korsou", Curaçao Museum, Curaçao
1993 "Artistanan di Korsou", Curaçao Museum, Curaçao...

Artist Publications

Tirzo Martha enters within the tissues of society, converting himself into a missionary of the containing expressions.
His works are echos of opressed screams.

José Alvarez de la Campa, art critic, Willemstad, Curaçao (from the catalogue "Expressions from Curacao").

Tirzo Marhta constantly makes an effort to analyze and to understand the moment that his community lives. The dissertations can be somewhat difficult to clarify by the addressees, but, unlike others, his intellectual level does not decline. His present production is a textbook of complexities, in which the signs and codes distinct themselves from the daily attempts of the contemporary artistic languages, to obtain their educative and professional objectives.

The artist is convinced that educating people requires sacrifices which is more difficult than love and desires. He does not feel any doubt about the necessity to know the collectivity before you can guide it. He knows it, but doesn't cuddle it. The social problems are dealt with by him with sharpnes, turning himself into violator, prosecutor and judge, at the same time. He doesn't do this to create confusion but to extend his contact with the social thermometer.

He's one of the few artists who fight to demonstrate that all can grow, only it is necessary to go out of the ostracism where the daily things accomodate you. His creations do not stop to interrogate: the errors, the vices, the perversions and all evils that coexist in his native island. Tirzo Martha is the young representative with greater creative, intellectual and cognitive force; he is a major influence in the visual arts at the moment in Curacao.

Willemstad, Curacao, 22 june, 2002.
Jose Maria Alvarez de la Campa, Art critic....

Artist Collections

Gallery Bloemhof, Curacao
Kiers, Antwerpen, Belgium
Neven Tax, Rotterdam, Netherland
Gijsbertha Notary Office, St. Maarten
Luidens & Luidens Lawyers, Curaçao
Curaçao Museum, Curaçao...

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