Artist Statement -

My paintings are mostly oil and acrylic on canvas. My work consists of bright, bold colors and is mostly concentrated on nude paintings, human body, and silent nature. The bright reds and yellows make my stand out from the darker background.

I always mix my colors before I begin my painting to make sure that the colors on my palette are harmonious. Before I start painting I always make sure I have at least three colors on my palette that are in the red, blue, and yellow tones. Color is what makes a painting stand out to me. Sometimes I’m drawn to bold color that vibrantly describes the elements in the composition.
Other times I am fascinated by the muted palette of a quieter scene. Color is a natural extension rather than the basis of my painting.

My creations mainly have the human figure as subject, which is mysterious in its nature. It is not just a face to a body. It is about the body itself, conveying the beauty it has. Showing male figures dressed as females is a strategy to challenge the tradition of the objectification of women. I love the mystique that men have and which makes them interesting. Each men has the female instinct inside him. That is the idea behind not showing the facial structure or covering the man’s face.

Artist Exhibitions

Mélange of Milieu
June 14 - July 5, 2016 Reception: Thursday June 16, 2016 6-8 PM

The artists in this exhibition provide insight into both their environments and their interpretation of the world around them. Melange of Milieu presents a medley of subjects, styles and mediums to convey the possibilities of expression through art. With access into the artist’s imagination, the viewer is able to reflect on their own reality.

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