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Brockville, Ontario - Canada

Personal Photo of Terrilee Hobson, Artist 100 x 131

Member since:November 2003
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I am represented by La Petite
Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.
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Terrilee Hobson Artist Biography
Gender Female
Status Married
Children 1
Religion Agnostic
Education Undergraduate Work
Hobbies / Interests Painting of course !! I enjoy trying to play guitar, reading, listening to music,gardening in the summer.
Favorite Artistic Medium Painting Acrylic
Favorite Arthistory Movement Realism - (1850 - 1880)
Favorite Visual Artist Betty Goodwin
Favorite Work of Art Michealangelo's Pieta
Biggest Artistic Inspiration Hugh Mackenzie !! Hugh is an artist who lives what he teaches. His life is his process and he's inspiring.
Why Did You Become An Artist In 1986, Terrilee studied Fine Art at St. Lawrence College, Brockville Campus on a part-time basis and in 1991, earned a Certificate of Art in Painting and Drawing. After graduation and a good beginning as an artist, she discovered she needed heart surgery and felt that he dreams were over, but creation is an addiction she couldn’t live without
In 1999, she returned to St. Lawrence College to work with the life model during classes instructed by Andrea Mossop Green and taking her creation to new levels. On the occasional visit, Terrilee benefit from the feedback of her work from Andrea’s mentor, Hugh Mackenzie, retired Professor of Art, of the Ontario College of Art in Toronto.
Terrilee had the privilege and honour to have met and befriended the late Yi Fang Shi, retired Professor of Art, Bejing China. Yi Fang inspired Terrilee with her meditative approach to her works and her brush that seemed to dance as she painted in watercolour. She remembers Yi Fang with the greatest respect and admiration.
The Artist has been the manager of a retail photographic store where she learned the fundamentals of photography to help her clients, volunteered her time at Island City Gallery where her duties were to inform clients of the various gallery artists and media and techniques used, taken part in Art in the City Tour in Brockville, was the chair of a group of students calling themselves Braveart and is currently taking the new Fine Arts Diploma program at St. Lawrence College and the recipient of a bursary for studies.
The Artist uses many media for expression such as pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic, gouache and lately has been exploring woodcut prints. She concentrates on original works and is inspired by the human figure and often uses the life model most often working from the live model. Her creations are representational or abstract imagery using distortion and exaggeration that often find a spiritual element. She feels the energy of the model adds to her own energy to create magic in her work. She marries the inner vision with the outer vision.
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