Artist Statement -

Hello my name is Alvin sparks and I have been carving the northwest coast totem plaque style carvings for some 30 years now,native american culture has always fasinated me and when an old indian named red cloud showed me how to carve i just fell in love.

I hope that you will also fall in love with this artwork as it is rare and it takes a lot of patience and detail to create one of these carvings. All my artwork is carfully shipped with there own special hand made cases,stories and care instructions.

All of my artwork is (original) no two will ever be exactly alike and when you place an order for a carving I will sit down to carve you a master peice that only you will own.

Please viset my website and browse all of our artwork.

Thank you
Alvin sparks

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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