Photograph of Artist ULUS ROE
sapulpa, Oklahoma - United States

Original Artworks (1)

Ulus Roe; Gus Shooting, 2010, Original Drawing Pencil, 20 x 16 inches.
Ulus Roe
Original Pencil Drawing, 2010
20 x 16 inches (50.8 x 40.6 cm)
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Artist Statement

Ulus Roe is a self taught artist and has been creating art since a very young age. He is seventy eight years old and has enjoyed every piece he's done. The favorite subject for him you might say is portraits, then he also has a love for the old west. So you put that together and you come up with some fantastic drawings. You will see some of his favorite western movie stars here such as The Duke, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, Robert Duval as well as many others from the Lonesome Dove group. His other creations include racecar drivers, sports figures, old rock n roll stars, singers, TV stars , and Native American art.

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