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My name is Sean dePasquale McKibbin also known as dePasquale Sculptures and I've been a professional sculptor for 35 years.I love the many challenges of stone sculpture whether it be marble, granite, alabaster, onyx marble, rose quartz or petrified wood. In order to work with different stones, you must obey and respect their inherent characteristics and properties, what works for one type of stone may not work for another type...etc! Commissioned work is welcomed.I usually sculpt that which I feel the stone is telling me it wants to be...most of the times the stone will show a part of a specific form..It is that part "for Those Who See" that I start my designing... However there are pieces I do where I have a preconceived design and I look for that particular stone which the design will "fit inside". I do direct carving which goes back to the Greek civilization, which means I draw directly onto the stone, and proceed carving..I can see the image, three dimensionaly in the stone...!(I do not do a clay model, then size it up and copy it) Nonetheless, I do Limited edition bronzes, from some of my original marble, alabaster and wood sculptures. I love carving wood as well especially drift wood! Please visit , I have seven informative sculpture videos, for you to see !
Nature has so many different,intriguing forms, that offer a vast array of subject matter, for my designs. As Michelangelo said "Let nature be your guide". I constantly push the limits of each material. Each sculpture is designed with very select contour lines, every centimeter counts,(parts of the whole), the sculpture must flow and capture a Moment and Movement, in time.
The embodiment of nature and all its manifestation exudes my design process, there are endless possibilities! Designing, carving, finishing, then the arduous task of selling makes the challenging experience of stone sculpture the rewarding journey I have chosen to fulfill.
The art of stone sculpture goes back to the beginning of mankind. It is the subtractive process of elimination. You must remove that which is superfluous to the form itself! You must be able to put yourself within the confines of the sculpture ( be the form itself) so you know where to stop, on the out side skin of the piece, when looking at the form, from the outside with chisel and hammer in hand! The only way I can explain it is: it's an inner and outer body experience...!
This poem I wrote sums it up....!

To take the stone…
To see its own…
Unique shape within!
Then carefully chipping away
And revealing its display
Of fine lines that slowly combine.
Then, sand by hand,
Till the surface comes to one,
And finally, polishing!
Bringing to life the image,
Longing to be discovered… dePasquale
NOTE: Collectors are encouraged to buy direct from the Artist,for the best price! Contact dePasquale at or call(760)628-5852, for details.

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