Artist Statement -

My Thirst for art is a silent battle of surviaval which started as a childhood curiosity, and quickly grew into my passion. I am always eager to find creative ways to express my emotions and I do so through design, watercolors and ornamental stained glass. Being an Architect allows me to be more versatile and permits me to focus on detail. There is more to being an artist than possessing a particular talent. Art is expressing your view using color, form, light, texture, technique and most of all the passion to complete the work.
Old Poeple, still life, demolished houses in the countryside, are my subjects because they hold an unsolvable mistery for me.
Sara my only beloved daughter is my inspiration.

Artist Exhibitions

-Gazir festival, Ghazir-Lebanon.1979
-Lebanese University, (Exhibition hall) Beirut. 1981
-St Elie Church exhibition hall, Antelias-Lebanon 1983
-Wardeh Salehia Est. (Exhibition hall), Riyadh-Saudi Arabia 1983
-Gallerie d’art Bekhazi (GAB Center), Achrafieh, Beirut. 1986/1988/1996
-Notre Dame University, (Exhibition hall) Louazeh-Lebanon. 1991
-Toros Roslin fine art academy/Cultural center, Beirut-Lebanon. 1992
-Lebanese American University, (Exhibition hall) Beirut. 1993
-Gallerie Tabbal, Achrafieh- Beirut. 1993
-Gallerie Chahine, Hamra- Beirut. 1994
-Sursock museum, Beirut-Lebanon. 1997
-Al Shawli exhibition hall, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia 1997
-Conservative Association Center, Scarborough-England 1998
-Southern Arizona watercolor Gulid Gallery USA, April 2002.
-Southern Arizona watercolor Gulid Gallery USA, September 2002....

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