Artist Statement -

My artistic credo is simple. God gave unexpected things you can see or feel palpable. At the same time, God has given us things we cannot see: emotions, feelings and experiences. In my works, I have tried and still try to give a visual expression of those emotions, feelings and experiences. The selection of colors and techniques are means to try to get this.
I want from those who look at my work to have a reaction – to trigger a feeling. He/she may have a feeling of pleasure or disgust, irritation or joy. Every sentiment triggered by watching my paintings is a success. From my point of view, the worst thing what could happen is no reaction from the viewer.

Life is an amazing journey meant to be exciting, interesting and challenging.
From the beginning to the end, each step we make is actually a move forward in our endeavor to discover the world and its fantastic, abundant, yet intriguing secrets/gifts.
Step by step, from childhood to the age of wisdom, we also learn day by day about ourselves and about other individuals, as well. Self-discovery is perhaps one of the greatest lessons each of us tries to understand. Introspection is not always an easy process to go through, but it is always worth trying to find out who we are and what is our mission here, on Earth.
Many of us are well aware of the blunt truth that our time is limited, and nothing lasts forever. Among all and above all, time is probably our most powerful enemy. Only a few people were fortunate enough to win this battle: Michelangelo, Beethoven, Einstein, Isaac Newton to name a few of those whose genius mind brought them eternal and universal recognition.
A legacy to leave behind is maybe the ultimate goal for those possessing a strong will to overcome hardships and distractions of all kinds, to stay focused and pursue their destiny. A wealth of emotions and feelings accompany us throughout this individual journey. It is unique, it is different, it is special for each of us.
To paint about life is more like telling a story: not using words, but colors. It is an invitation to meditation, soul-searching and revelation. It is about sharing your experience/vision with others, being generous and grateful for the opportunities you have been given to explore and learn from. Every day is a new day, and thus it should not be taken for granted. Time is the only unbiased judge of one’s evolution throughout life. To paint about human emotions is also like being a devoted archeologist whose main purpose in life is to discover valuable relics of the past that would just shed a light on humankind existence. The work might be tedious and the routine might become an impossible burden to carry, but the outcome could be surprisingly breathtaking. That is the beauty of making art when, sometimes, even the artist himself is awed by his own work. Expect the unexpected, be ready to be swept off your feet, exceed your abilities, surpass obstacles and don’t forget to be thankful to all those who stopped for a moment from their busy, complicated life to become part of a world you that created for him.
Art in its diverse forms and shapes gives us the chance to use our creativity and imagination to bring to light the finest, most intricate threads woven together to make the very essence of our souls; it defines us to the tiniest particles of what we’ve become along this journey. One story could take us back in time, it could be a history lesson that helps us understand our roots, remember our fathers and honor their sacrifice; another story could be inspired by the joy in a child’s eyes, making us look to future generations with respect, hope and optimism. Art is a vehicle that transports the viewer into a whole new world where possibilities are infinite and vibrant. It could a version of your own perception of life or it could be as well alternative to the utter, shear reality.
It is all about life experiences, emotions and evolution. It is all about feelings, thoughts and vibes translated into a language that uses colors to express an idea, to convey a message to humankind.

Artist Exhibitions

April 2016 – 10 artworks at a group exposition at Saint John the Evangelist Church – Toronto
June 2016 – 10 artworks exhibited at Okapi World Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE
Sept 2016 – exhibiting at Roaming Art Gallery Brioche Dorree King Street
Oct 2016 – 15 artworks exhibited at ‘’Art in the valley’’, Univ. Of Toronto

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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