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Born in a northern suburb of Detroit, Michigan. The mechanical, artistic and creative ability of Donald J. Davenport was first recognized at the age of five. By the age of 13 he received a “Silver” award at the Tennessee Tech College annual arts exhibit in 1960. By the age of 20 he was already an accomplished commercial and fine artist. Davenport is listed in four separate categories in the Millennium Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America for his diverse achievements in Video & Film Producing, Publishing, Inventing and Educating.

Through his mid twenties and early thirties, he worked in several diverse fields producing commercial, graphic and fine art for international corporations. His abilities include experimental developing and designing new concept devices, producing instructional visual technical trade curriculum programs for Video Educational Art Services in the visual arts. Davenport founded The Gemini School of Art and Design in 1981.

His multiple careers continued to develop with publishing technical trade manuals for instruction in the visual arts and producing visual art programs by which he received an International “SILVER” award from among 27 competing countries at the Television International Film Festivals, New York, 1994 for creating curriculum instructional programs in the visual arts. He has received several “First Place” awards including a few exhibits when possible for the Scarab Club in Detroit, the Community House in Birmingham and has received the “Best Of Show” awarded to him for his work at the Detroit 50th. Auto Rama Show, Vantasia and Cycle Rama here in the Detroit area.

As a master fine artist Davenport combines mixed medium using several diverse technical skills to create and express extreme realism using lacquer, gold leaf, glass jeweled facets and hand crafted, gilded enhancements. From intriguing surrealistic images depicting a clear symbolist edge, to painting enhanced contemporary realism, Davenport illustrates the art of painting at its finest. His work has been showcased at the 2006 International Art Expo, in New York

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Donald J. Davenport
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VEAS Productions
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Feb 2006

Who’s Who at the 2006 International Art Expo?

At this year’s New York Decor International Art Expo, some of the most intriguing, magnificent, unique and original works of fine art was on exhibit from renound artist Donald J. Davenport who brings to market unique and different original works of mixed medium paintings. His application provides technical values in extreme realism that certainly captivates the attention of many viewers who attend this year show.

Among several paintings in his exhibit were titled “Origin of Art” a 60" X 40" mixed medium painting that combines realism, surrealism and cubism together in one magnificent work of art. The painting shows four symbolic art shapes created using variegated blue gold leaf which appear to drift slowly across the captivating background of a turbulent blue opalescence sky.

The second painting is titled “Bridled Romance” a magnificent 60" X 40" mixed medium painting depicting two romantic gilded and glass jewel enhanced carousel horses.

Davenport is an artist who expresses himself through diverse applications and applied mixed medium to define the value of realism. Davenport works with complementary materials and three-dimensiona enhancements which he says “Provides greater magnification, clarity and perspective. The technical values are one of the key principles in Davenport's work. who reflects great technice skills, imagination and devout passion.

Several other paintings by Davenport showcased at the International Art Expo New York also were “King’s Champion”, “Classical Steed”. “Clowning Around” and “Summer Dress”. Hand made enhanced gilded ornate frames complement some of his subjects with embellished glass jewels and gold leaf.

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