Artist Statement -

I can’t paint without a contact with a life object or picture of some sort. Hours of silent observation open a path to the object’s beauty from its intrinsic nature. The longer I look and more layers of paint I add “the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically the more real” (Lucian Freud). I have no interest in a search of newness to justify my work; neither have I sought to establish myself via certain painting style or concept. I feel human when I paint, perhaps, because the painting is reminiscent of love and I hope this love is reciprocal.

Artist Exhibitions

2012 June-September
Staten Island Museum, Staten Island, NY

2012 March
Artmajeur Silver Award

2011 July-August
Walter and Joan Hobbs Art Gallery, Mineola Memorial Library, Mineola, NY

2010 September-October
The Townhouse Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2010 March–May
Spring 2010 Northeast Featured Artist - The Levee Breaking Seattle, WA

2008 June
World Culture Open Gallery, New York NY

2008 May
Gallery of Bnai Zion Foundation, New York, NY

2007 June
Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

2007 March-May
Gallery of Bnai Zion Foundation, New York, NY...

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