Artist Statement -

As I traverse my world, I see myriad expessions of emotions on people's faces, I hear it in their voices, I read it in their literature, and I feel it in our environment. as I come in contact with these varied expressions of emotions, I seek to capture them with my paints and brushes, and ensconce them on the canvas. I try to capture the feelings or thoughts, to make them real or visible. thus, one can easily identify with the moods of my works.
To me, Art is not a skill, it's a way of life. it is the message of the heart, the expression of the soul, the visibility of the emotion, and the disclosure of the inner self. the appreciation of art heightens one's awareness of his environment, and shows him the other side of all tha makes up his world. painting has engulfed me, elevate me, reveal me, enclose me! I am art.

Artist Exhibitions

Art and Music Exhibit 2008
(Miami, Florida)

JCDC National Art Exhibition 2006
(Kingston, Jamaica)

Life in the Pallette (Group) 2005
(Golf View Hotel, Mandeville, Jamaica)

Exhibition 2K5 (Group) 2005
(Northern Caribbean University)

Group Exhibition 2005
(University of Technology)

Festival of the Floral and Fine Arts 2005
(Northern Caribben University)

National Skills Competition 2005
(National Arena, Kingston, Jamaica)

Human Rights Symposium by the Ministry
of Justice Jamaica (Group) 2005
(Northern Caribbean University)...

Artist Publications

CVM TV - Interview on "CVM at Sunrise" and display of work - December 8, 2005

NCU TV - Interview and display of work, - October 11, 2005

NCU TV - Promo Video for News Magazine - aired throughout October 2005

NCU TV - Interview on Issues and Answers Live - October 2005

The Gleaner Newspaper - Section A11, Entitled "Arts Expo" - Article on the Festival of the Floral and Fine Arts, and group Exhibition at the University of Technology - May 24, 2005...

Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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