Artist Statement -

I see and I have practiced hard to see. through and through and deep inside, because the every existence does have shape, a definitive imagery a consolidated perception at least one of the unseen horizons. one of unsung melodies and those who can see, must feel it and those who can feel, must bear the anguish of sense and those who can bear the pain of creations up on them must preserve this pain into existence of beauty. and these statues are the creations of this pain. that I am still passing through, I have often enter into the realms of unconsciousness, the real self, the true experience and thus I see the faces, montages, ideas, and colors in my mediums. Stone and rocks are wrapping the figure and forms.
Which, I only unfold. Log and woods commonly steal the ideas and imagery, which I just enhance. When the colors are speaking to you. And words magnifying their presence in persona. When rocks liquefy to the cast able ideologies and woods carve them selves. In front of you. Then must you have entered the flowing world of liberated self “Surrealisms”.

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