Artist Statement -

Time governs both my subject and my style. I am attracted to subjects in ephemeral states--the fall color that will be gone next week, the carnival that will move on in a few days, the kaleidoscopic sunset that will fade in a few minutes--and often revisit subjects to explore how they change through time.

My style comes out of an ongoing negotiation between my desire to capture every hyperrealitisc detail and my fear that I'll rework a painting to destruction trying to resolve miniscule innacuracies that become amplified as I add increasing detail. The point of compromise is as individual as the subjects I paint. I work a la prima as much as I can, because the more time between the first and last strokes of a painting, the more likely I am to change modes at sometime during the creation.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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