Artist Statement -

"My goal always was to make people wonder, to remind them, and to have them ask themselves questions."
The development of my topics required me to move away from only painting and include the third dimension into my artistic work. I am planning more public works connected to space, such as installations, or time, such as contemporary Art Video. I want to explore the reactions of the passer-by and the impact that the messages of my work may have on them.

Unfortunately, temporary installations are very fleeting and only the pictures as documentation stay. That is why I also plan to start working with sculptures, which are much more permanent. I also want to explore more about how Germany with its people and its contemporary art dealt with the separation and subsequent reunification. One of my interests here is about what problems and scars still have to be overcome. I will further develop those ideas.

My current projects revolve around the exploration of humankind itself: human behavior, feelings, and mind. My artwork is all interconnected, be it painting, installation, or video-art. In the future I hope to completely intertwine these different modes of art and use them all together in objects. I see in much potential in the relatively young Video Art - given the omnipresence of the moving picture these days.

Artist Exhibitions

Parsons Fine Arts Exhibition, "Obsession", 'Obsession', New York / USA, May 2004

Parsons Fine Arts Exhibition, "Threaded", 'Genesis', New York / USA, May 2005

Vernissage, "In Arte Kwastafer", 'Before the Moment', Munich / Germany, March 2006

Video Art Exhibition, "Imagination and Reality", 'Love and Water', Hallein / Austria, August 2008

Vernissage, "Midissage", 'I'm sorry', Galerie Woerthhof, Munich / Germany, November 2008

Video Presentation,"Open Video", 'One Korea', Gasteig, Munich / Germany, November 2008 -January 2009

"World of Imagination Vol. 2", 'Meditation I - V', APW Gallery, New York / USA, March 2009

Solo exhibition: "Reflections, 2004-09", K5 Villa, Berlin / Germany, November 2009

"Mit den Augen der Anderen", 'Prison Prayer', Galerie Magnificat, Berlin / Germany, February - March 2010

"Youth Cult 2010", 'Borderless - Grenzenlos', DadaPost Gallery, Berlin / Germany, March - April 2010

"Scope Miami 2010", 'Borderless - Grenzenlos', Wynwood Gallery Art District, Miami, USA, November - December 2010

"Open Video 2010", 'Hunger 4 Love', Gasteig, Munich / Germany, December 2010 - January 2011

"Unification of Korea", Korean Broadcast and Advertisement Museum, Seoul, Korea, December 2010

"Imaginative fairy tale", Gong Art Space Galley, Seoul / Korea, July 2011

"Bilder, Briefe, Noten LXXIV", Autorengalerie 1, Munich / Germany, November 2011

"Open Video 2011", Gasteig, Munich / Germany, December 2011 - January 2012

"Bilder, Briefe, Noten LXXIVI", Autorengalerie 1, Munich / Germany, November 2011

Solo Exhibition: "Silent Pictures", DadaPost Galerie, Berlin / Germany, September 2012

"Open Video 2012", Gasteig, Munich / Germany, December 2012 - January 2013

Solo Exhibition: "Silent Pictures II", Dada Post Galerie, Berlin / Germany, September 2014...

Artist Publications

Art exhibition Opening: Reflections, 2004-08, from YounHee Yang

We cordially invite you to our inaugural exhibition opening on the 31st of October 2009 at 3 pm at the Villa K5, Berlin Lichterfelde Ost.
The exhibition will be opened from Saturday, October 31st until Sunday, November 29th in our exhibition space at the Villa K5.
The public inaugural opening will be held at Saturday, October 31st at 3 pm.
From the exhibition opening onwards the official exhibition catalogue will be available for purchase at the exhibition and online.

YounHee Yang is a passionated artist, who is exploring Humanity itself from the beginnings. Her artistic work includes besides painting also installation, sculpture and video-art. In her new art projects, Miss Yang speaks for the socially weak marginal groups of our societies and points out preconceptions and nuisances in a playful manner. The artist herself: "My goal always was to make people wonder, to remind them, and to have them ask themselves questions. In the exhibition "Reflections, 2004-09", the artist is presenting a selected overview of her work within the past years and their development between 2004 and 2009.

YounHee Yang, born 1977 in Seoul, Republic of Korea received her art instruction at the Dan-Kook University (Seoul) and Parsons School of Design (New York) and finished with the Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. In 2005 she relocated to Germany and currently lives and works in Berlin as a freelance artist. She exhibited her artwork in numerous countries.
Exhibitions (Selection):
- Threaded, Foundation BFA exhibition, NY, USA, 2005, Genesis
- Open Video, Gasteig Munich, Germany, 2008/09, One Korea
- World of Imagination Vol. II, APW Gallery, NY, USA, 2009, Meditation
- Personally political Contemporary Sensation, Kunsthaus Tacheles,
Berlin, Germany, 2009, Hope Hoffnung

Press photographs and exclusive interviews with the artist Miss Yang and the owner of Villa K5 can be arranged upon request on Friday, October 30th from 5 pm.
Everyone not being able to personally attend the opening will have the opportunity to view impressions from the opening and the artworks exhibited from Tuesday, November 3rd at the homepage of the Antiquariat K5 found at

Artist Collections

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