Photograph of Artist YUBIRNA PAULINO
new york, New YorkNew York - United States

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Yubirna Paulino; Birds View On Nature, 2020, Original Watercolor, 5.5 x 9.9 inches. Artwork description: 241 This is my painting of birds viewing nature made with watercolor. ...
Yubirna Paulino
Original Watercolor, 2020
5.5 x 9.9 inches (14.0 x 25.1 cm)
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Artist Statement

My name is yubirna paulino and I am a portrait artist, I go by my studio name yubisart. I am a self taught
artist who has been drawing and painting for 8 years. I create artworks of people, i capture the likeness and expression of people using various medias such as watercolor, pencil, and colorpencil. I am a visual artist who captures the likeness of my artworks. drawing and painting is my passion and i use to express myself as
an artist....