Artist Statement -

Zahir uddin Babar Mughal –
1 ……..Born in Lahore
2 ……..3 Solo Shows
3 ………Participation in around 53 group shows
4 ……….Overall 17 achievements in all mediums of art.

Art is not a thing — it is a way, way of expression of imagination and skills that turn out on canvas with the intension of stimulating thoughts, emotions, beliefs or ideas.
The more an artist works, the more he getting started developing his peculiar style. the same style becomes his identity and my identity I think is the versatility. Versatility of techniques in painting.
While painting, I always think over the colours, line and the composition to create depth in the painting and to deal with the perspective.
I always select the colour palette according to the theme of the painting and personally like dull colours. I always take colour language into account whether it’s a figurative art or a landscape. Focal point of the painting is not necessarily is the middle/centre of the painting but it could be off-the-centre in the composition or even the focus could be on the colours as well, hence it gives a flow and a movement to the painting.
I would be an artist even if I wouldn’t be as Art is in my blood and I try to make art exactly the way I perceive it. Depiction of Pakistani customs and my beloved country’s culture is my favourite genre in the painting.

Artist Exhibitions


1978 Group Exhibition
Award Prize
1979 Group Exhibition
1st Prize
1983 Mental illness is Curable
Sp. Award
1985 National Exhibition
Gold Medal
1997 International Day of Disabled Persons
2nd Prize
1997 Painting Exhibition golden Jubilee
Efficiency Award
1998 International Contest P.C.A. Holland
Appreciation Certificate
1998 Bolan Academy Award 98
Bolan Award
2002 International Painting Competition NAFA - Brazil
Honorable mention 4th prize
2003 Art competition PHA Lahore as I see it on Jeshn-e-Baharan
4th prize
2003 Tehreeq-i-Pakistan Painting Exhibition
Sp. prize
2005 Best Performance in Mayo Hospital Lahore 2004-2005
Efficiency award 05
2006 Best Performance in Mayo Hospital Lahore 2005-2006
Efficiency award 06
2008 5th Annual intercollegiate Arts Photography Exhi.K.E.M.U
1st prize
2009 6th Annual intercollegiate Arts Photography Exhi.K.E.M.U
Hounarary award being a juery member of the exhibition
2010 Mahak Academy Award 2010
Mahak Award
2013 Younite tour.presented by nomadic project intl. art exhi,USA
Winner Of Poeple Choice Award

Participations in

1978 Group Exhibition
1979 Group Exhibition
1983 Mental illness is Curable National Exhibition
1984 Young Artists Exhibition
1985 Young Artists Exhibition
1985 National exhibition
1986 Story of Kashmir Exhibition
1989 Jawan Musawwer Exhibition
1995 Group Exhibition
1995 SPARC Life 95, Exhibition
1996 SPARC Life 96, Exhibition
1997 Exhibition in memory of Sir Ghazanfar Ali
1997 Painting Exhibition of Children on Golden Jublee of Pakistan
1997 Masters Retrospective National Exhibition 1947-1997
1997 Celebration of International Day of Disabled Persons Exhibition
1998 Emblem of Permanent Court of Arbitration P.C.A. Holland
1998 Solo Exhibition-Wood Cut Prints based on Pakistan Movement 1947
1998 Young Artists Exhibition
1998 18th Bolan Academy Awards98
1999 2nd International Calligraphy Calligraphic-Art Exhibition
1999 3rd National Exhibition of Calligraphies
1999 Independence Day on Pakistan Movement
2000 4th National Exhibition of Calligraphies Islamabad
2001 the Artist�s Magazines 18th annual competition 2001 �USA
2001 5th national exhibition of calligraphies Islamabad
2002 National exhibition of calligraphies Islamabad
2002 Competition of Qauid-i-Azam portrait Islamabad
2002 International Painting Competition NAFA 2002�. Brazil
2003 International Painting Competition NAFA 2003�. Brazil
2003 art competition PHA Lahore as I see it on Jeshn-e-Baharan
2003 International painting competition NAFA 2003.brasil
2004 All Pakistan Iqbal Painting Competition
2004 Tehreeq-i-Pakistan Painting Competition
2004 Group exhibition twig Art gallery
2006 young artist painting exhibition
2006 A Vision Of The Future 2006,Lahore Art Council
2006 Exhibition Of Calligraphy,Punjab Council Of The Arts
2007 3th Annual Intercollegiate Arts Photogrphy Exhi, K.E.M.U
2008 4th Annual Intercollegiate Arts Photography Exhi,K.E.M.U
2009 5th Annual Intercollegiate Arts Photography Exhi, K.E.M.U
2010 6th Annual Intercollegiate Arts Photogrphy Exhi, K.E.M.U
2010 Water Color Exhibition Solo Show Minhas Art Gallery ,G.C
2010 Group Show Convergence 2010.Horeen Babar . Alhamra Art Gallery
2010 Painting Exhibition 4 flood relief Art 4 Life Alhamra Art Gallery
2011 Old Ravien Art Exhibition at minhas art gallery
2011 7th Annual Intercollegiate Arts Photography Exhi, K.E.M.U
2011 The Annual Exhi, From the Five Provinces Of Pakistan Vougue
2012 8th Annual Intercollegiate Arts Photography Exhi, K.E.M.U
2012 National Calligraphy Exhibition-Punjab Art Council
2012 G.C.Old Ravian. Painting Exhibition .Minhas Art Gallery.G.C
2012 Participated w.w. contemporary master artist bookwwab USA.
2012 Younitetour.presented by nomadic project intl. art exhi,USA
2013 Intl contemporary master artist 67 exhi. las vegas USA
2014 Solo Show Painting Exhibition .Minhas Art Gallery.G.C
2014 Aljaeiza albuda Awards .Calligraphy Competition - Dubai
2014 9th International Art Prize Laguna Competition - Venice
2014 Embler Art Gallery s Winter 2014 International Artist Contest - Usa
2015 6th Beijing International Art Biennale China Competition - China
2015 X Florence Biennale 2015 Art Polis Competition - Italy
2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Competition - Canada


Artist Publications

The people who love their country land and enlighten their dreams and thoughts, with the light derived from this attachment, always want to do something extra ordinary for their society.
Zahir-ud-din-Babar is basically a painter but his efforts branch off in so many directions that one does not know how to describe his orbit of activity. He has been working in graphic designing, oil paintings, water colors, pastels or woodcuts etc. Water color is his favorite medium. We see in his paintings he successfully creates an atmosphere of dream world, by using mauve color. He uses dull colors with sharp contrast of light and shadow; which creates a subtle effect.
Babar belongs to Lahore and has a very simple background. He has got this ability from his family. His Uncle was a calligraphist; this helps him to give strength and power to his line. Line has played a major role in his paintings. As, artist is inspired by a quotation, “Not a day, without line.”
In his paintings he shows his concentration more on line then colors. Classicists proffered line to portray the object, while Romanticists shape the image through colors.
He has done his graduation in Fine Arts from the Punjab University, where he majored in design. He admits that basically he is a painter. Babar has achieved on academic level, in water color in spite of his studies ending up in graphic designing. His colors are dull in contrast to the translucent effect of water color technique. He has been working in different mediums such as, water colors, oil colors, pastels, pan n ink etc; but his favorite medium is water color. In his paintings we find mostly his uses of paper with colors, which creates an imaginative impression. Probably this technique helps him to express himself. His paintings are in dull colors with sharp contrast of light and shadow. Most of his paintings are purple; this is his favorite color. Which led us to his dream world? As we can see in his painting, `EARLY MORNING MISTS SCENE `.He has painted this topic so many times. In which artist successfully creates a difference between foreground and background. These types of paintings have very soft and touchy effect. In most of his works we can see his desire to show changing moods of nature and atmosphere. As we see early morning mists scene, afternoons, evening shadows ad so on. Nature is his source of inspiration. He spent almost all of his grown up years in the Punjab; so it is natural his love for nature seen in his paintings. As in his landscapes and other compositions like in, `BASANT SCENE IN LAHORE`. Here we see the cloudy sky over the Badshahi Mosque; which is full of kites. The large red building of the mosque and the colorful kites give strength to the painting. In spite of this, perspective is still found. Another impressive work is, GOVERNMENT COLLEGE`S BUILDING`. This painting expresses his love for this institute. It takes six months to complete. This painting is spread over a canvass of 6/4.
On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Pakistan’s independence , Babar has put his share in the celebrations in a unique way by exhibiting his wood cut prints which have the STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE`, as a basic theme. Though prints are black and white yet they give a very vivid impression of the colorful reality, to the viewer, showing the excellence that Babar has in the field. He has truly proved himself to be an all-rounder in the field of art.

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