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In my early works, those I produced as a fine arts academy student, one can recognize a strong influence of classical masters, resulting in the motives being mainly figural in nature. In time, figure gradually starts to fade, texture is lost, form distorted, intensity of color increased. Every clear contour is lost and color, smear, smudge become dominant. The attitude toward the real world which existed before is no longer present, the painting is an experience in itself.In the process of my artistic maturing, I increasingly find my artistic expression in abstract compositions. Even though compositions, just like in the previous realistic works, cover the whole surface of canvas and even exceed its edges in an identical way, they represent something entirely new. What is characteristic for the last cycle of paintings is that they can continue beyond canvas boundaries. Colors try to diffuse, permeate beyond the painting. This very fact reflects a deep, immensely important spiritual dimension and man’s eternal aspiration for penetration into the unconstrained. The layered way in which color has been administered enables us to follow the whole process of formation of a painting and thereby, in a way, participate over and over again in its emergence, because a painting gets its full meaning and sense when it is realized in the eye of the beholder. There is often a sense of incompleteness on a canvas and that is exactly what gives it an opportunity to retain its freshness. Any resemblance with the outside and mundane is lost in these works. With these paintings, I am creating a new world, a new reality in which color itself is self-sufficient, a reality in which color becomes the subject of the painting.

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