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Over 5326 works of original contemporary art for sale in the price range $2000 - $2999. On this page you can find works by Gordon Mcglothlin, Tamara Sorkin, David Bechtol, Eve Co, Hans-ruedi Kammermann, Ildiko Toth, Hyacinthe Kuller-baron, Ron Ogle, Wayne Wilcox, Micha Nussinov, Edna Schonblum, Tom Irizarry Studio, Judith Fritchman, Philip Hallawell, Cornelia Macfadyen, Michal Ashkenasi, James Gwynne for the follwing mediums: 1. Links to more artwork and 184 pages for works in the price range $2000 - $2999 and links to further artists' works at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these visual artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio.

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Gordon Mcglothlin: 'Grand Canyon I', 1996 Giclee, Abstract. Grand Canyon I and II is only available as a diptych in limited editions of 25 on canvas and 150 on Somerset Watercolor paper measuring 29 x 41. Each piece is personally printed, signed, and numbered by the artist. To order, please call Gordon McGlothlin at 410- 730- 7033....
Abstract - Giclee
29 x 41 inches (73.7 x 104.1 cm)
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Tamara Sorkin: 'The inner pink', 1999 Collage, Abstract.
Abstract - Collage
47 x 55 cm (18.5 x 21.7 inches)
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David Bechtol: 'The Hollows', 2003 Other Photography, Landscape. This is a digital panorama composed of six individual exposures. Digital compositing done with Photoshop 6....
Landscape - Photograph
91 x 19 inches (231.1 x 48.3 cm)
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Eve Co: 'Swirl', 2003 Watercolor, Abstract. SwirlsStrathmore PaperWindsor  Newton WatercolorsSwirls - abstract, I was lonely on this day, did 4 swirlabstract paintings.  Enjoy o...
, 2003
Abstract - Watercolor
24 x 18 inches (61.0 x 45.7 cm)
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Hans-ruedi Kammermann: 'premonition of troubled waters', 2004 Oil Painting, Visionary. this was a premonition of the terrible tsunami, and the picture was unconsciously finished at the precise time of the tragic event...
Visionary - Painting
90 x 95 inches (228.6 x 241.3 cm)
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Hans-ruedi Kammermann: 'hearts approach', 2004 Oil Painting, Inspirational.
Inspirational - Painting
85 x 90 cm (33.5 x 35.4 inches)
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Ildiko Toth: 'Firebird Amphora', 1998 Handbuilt Ceramics, Undecided.
Undecided - Ceramics
12 x 28 inches (30.5 x 71.1 cm)
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Hyacinthe Kuller-baron: 'ARABIAN DREAMER', 2008 Reproduction Artwork, Equine. ARABIAN DREAMER is a limited edition of 30 reproductions 2' x3' on quality paper or canvas and signed by Hyacinthe and numbered with hand painted touches by the artist. The Original is in a famous Arizona Arabian breeder' s collection...
Equine - Reproduction Artwork
24 x 36 inches (61.0 x 91.4 cm)
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Ron Ogle: 'The View at Mountain Air', 2004 Oil Painting, Landscape. An October sunrise in 2004, from just down hill of the amazingly small Mountain Air airport runway, which is notably close to the restaraunt bar. Mountain Air is on a ridge top near Burnsville, North Carolina. Oil on canvas. ...
Landscape - Painting
28 x 22 inches (71.1 x 55.9 cm)
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Wayne Wilcox: 'Delta Evening', 2005 Oil Painting, Landscape. Currently on exhibit at FedexForum Exeuctive Suite Level....
Landscape - Painting
36 x 30 inches (91.4 x 76.2 cm)
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Micha Nussinov: 'Light of Darkness 4', 2005 Acrylic Painting, Other. In darkness as light falls on landscape, as figures and living things emerge, as we imagine something that appears to be. . . ...
Other - Painting
1200 x 700 mm ( x )
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Edna Schonblum: 'courage', 2004 Oil Painting, nature.
, 2004
nature - Painting
150 x 100 cm (59.1 x 39.4 inches)
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Tom Irizarry Studio: 'Amorous tempest', 2004 Oil Painting, Landscape. oil on panel, cinnabar, azurite, cremintz white...
Landscape - Painting
9 x 12 inches (22.9 x 30.5 cm)
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Micha Nussinov: 'Wobbly', 2004 Mixed Media Sculpture, undecided. An whimsical three leg figure  Made mainly from assembled recycled materials:Wood, a white paint bucket, copper electric wires, light fixtures, strips of curtain, , speaker, and circular plastic sheet ( hat) . To give the piece an organic feel Nussinov sculpted with plaster of paris, cotton bands and tissue papers. Connected to ...
, 2004
undecided - Sculpture
90 x 170 cm (35.4 x 66.9 inches)
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Judith Fritchman: 'Blue Goddess', 1990 Oil Painting, nudes. Seated nude against a blue background....
nudes - Painting
24 x 48 inches (61.0 x 121.9 cm)
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Philip Hallawell: 'The Hand of Ares', 1986 Oil Painting, Mythology. Part of the Iliad series, this one of the drawings that focuses on the Gods of the ancient Greeks, namely Ares ( Mars) the God of war. The triangular composition represents the danger of war. Done in oil on canvas over wood....
Mythology - Painting
40 x 50 cm (15.7 x 19.7 inches)
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Philip Hallawell: 'Zeus', 1988 Oil Painting, Mythology. This painting in oils on canvas over wood was initially a sketch for
, 1988
Mythology - Painting
39 x 49 cm (15.4 x 19.3 inches)
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Cornelia Macfadyen: 'The Lovers', 1990 Oil Painting, Abstract.
, 1990
Abstract - Painting
32 x 36 inches (81.3 x 91.4 cm)
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Michal Ashkenasi: 'Fruit in Red', 2002 Acrylic Painting, Landscape. A semi- abstract painting in vivid colors. ...
Landscape - Painting
80 x 80 cm (31.5 x 31.5 inches)
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Hans-ruedi Kammermann: 'Antoine', 2000 Oil Painting, Fashion.
, 2000
Fashion - Painting
25 x 35 inches (63.5 x 88.9 cm)
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Philip Hallawell: 'Animus et  Anima 2', 1982 Mixed Media, Mask. This painting/ drawing done in ink, pen and ink and collage investigates the dual nature of the personality ( animus/ anima, right/ left brain, ying/ yang, alchemy, etc. ) . Also part of the masks series. ...
Mask - Mixed Media
50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.6 inches)
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Hyacinthe Kuller-baron: 'Fashion Designer Hyacinthe Baron', 2002 Textile Art, Fashion. Fashion Designer Hyacinthe Baron custom hand painted silk fashion creations. CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR MEASUREMENTS. $2500 AND UP.  Exhibitiion at Albert Hall London. Silk Kimono, harem pants, camisole. Silk Kimono Dress. Silk Tunic and pants. Made to order for individuals and celebrities Jacqueline Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Chris Evert, Maude Adams, ...
Fashion - Textile Art
0 x 0 inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
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James Gwynne: 'Purple Thunder', 1998 Acrylic Painting, Landscape. Purple cloud formation hit with sunsetrays...
Landscape - Painting
45 x 65 inches (114.3 x 165.1 cm)
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Hyacinthe Kuller-baron: 'Symbiosis', 2008 Giclee - Open Edition, Figurative. AVAILABLE AS A LITHO, 3X3' , $3,500. 00 signed in pencil by Hyacinthe. Texture and hand painted color applied to canvas or paper.In the painting Symbiosis, a young child dreams of being mounted ona fast fleeing horse. Rendered in acrylic on a backrough that is textured with marble dust. ...
, 2008
Figurative - Giclee - Open Edition
4 x 4 feet (1.22 x 1.22 m)
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Philip Hallawell: 'The Ego', 2001 Mixed Media, Figurative. This work was done in watercolour and coloured pencils, worked over with pen and ink ( pointilhism) . The theme investigates the ego and how it binds the spirit. Sold by the Mali Villas- Boas Gallery....
, 2001
Figurative - Mixed Media
56 x 76 cm (22.0 x 29.9 inches)
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    Tamara Sorkin - I have always worked from organic subjects- plants, animals, or the human body, but usually I arrive at an abstract, "zoomorphic" description, that enables me a wider perspective. ...

    David Bechtol - Photography is an integral part of my life. Each image captured attempts to take the viewer on a journey, to transport them to that place of wonder and grandeur as I experienced it, to feel the sense of awe, beauty and peacefulness. As a boy growing up in rural Michigan, I had many chances to take long, slow walks in the forest, soaking in all the beauty a child sees in nature. Now I use photography to slow down life and try to take in all that nature has to offer as I once did those many years ago. I am a self-taught photographer and have studied the photographic process for over 40 years. My interest includes the digital realm where my technical background lets me exploit all that the camera can capture. Throughout my travels, I try to bring back and share a vision of some of the awe-inspiring vistas I encounter. No matter where you are in the world, natures extraordinary beauty is around every corner. I believe that great images are always around us. They are ours to capture with our vision and share with the world. ...

    Eve Co - I began painting and drawing in 1987 and have not stopped. I have a wide range from, landscapes, still-lifes, Hubble art galaxies nebulas, abstracts, florals, architectural art and so much more. I draw every day and paint as much as I can afford. I paint more watercolors than acrylic and oil canvas art. I would prefer more canvas art, but I make do with what I have. I try to express myself in artwork as well as with words. I paint landscapes, the glorious colors of nature, water, the ever expressive sky and more, primarily with watercolors on paper. These paintings are usually thought out and planned because they represent nature as I see nature. I paint still-lifes of everyday objects. To teach me about one particular color, shading and or painting glass. I think of still-lifes as a learning process that literally has me pulling my hair out in frustration, but I still paint through how they make me feel... I am fascinated with Hubble Space Technology so, I paint galaxies and nebulas on canvas with acrylic paints. I have sold many of these paintings and I must admit they are some of my favorite subjects...

    Hans-Ruedi Kammermann - Painting for me is passion, a fascinating process of seeing that alters the vision of things. The everyday becomes special, unique, unknown. What is seen, is never what is painted, yet the painting becomes a new reality. I don't invent abstract images but the act of accumulating material on the canvas creates form and color - being materialistic in order to transform matter into imagination and perception. In the process of painting I find new images, something appears, stimulates vision, projects lost or remembered entities, becomes alive and finally communicates. ...

    Ildiko Toth - I studied art, design and master ceramics in Hungary, Budapest.I advance studied set design and architecture in the United States.I was introduced to the fascinating world of sculpting by my Master Artist:Zsuzsa Morvay of Hungary. My traveling throughout the World inspires and helping me to find the tools to complete my task: To define The Poetry-of-Clay. In my work I strive to combine the valuable essence of centuries into creations of art objects-to be placed in today's architectural enviroment.My goals include working with new materials, discovering, combining and stretching their possibilities. ...

    Ildiko Toth - Ildiko Toth - Wayne Wilcox - ArtistaEURtms statements have always seemed redundant to me. The work generally speaks for itself. But here goes.. For me itaEURtms about shapes, color and lines interacting and relating to each other. Representational, abstract, non-objective theyaEURtmre all the same. Light against dark, color against color, line intersecting line. IaEUR~m as comfortable with super realism as I am with abstract expressionism. Then, of course, thereaEURtms the medium. I love the paint. I love the act of painting. I love how it flows and how it takes on a direction on itaEURtms own. ItaEURtms like magic. With one stroke something appears before your eyes that wasnaEURtmt there before. An image. An emotion. With each stroke or drip it changes. ItaEURtms an amazing experience. I highly recommend it. And then thereaEURtms image. I am a visual artist. IaEUR~m after strong images, images that evoke a feeling. Starkness, warmth, love, violence, emptiness, beauty, strength. I want the painting or drawing to stand on itaEURtms own. I am a painter. I cannot escape that fact. There have been times IaEUR~ve tried but I always return. ItaEURtms not what I do. ItaEURtm...

    Micha Nussinov - Nussinov's Statement Oct 2012 Drifting, being transient, in between various states of body/mind, like when we travel physically and with our imagination, as in a 'waking dream'. My work represents a world of ambiguity and illusion, of recognized and abstracted scenes embedded as a tapestry of matter, illustrating different relationships. Somewhere in the process of creating artworks these worlds are mixed in an harmonious and conflicting manner, representing the contradiction and collision between languages and landscapes. At all times the viewer is challenged to unfold the mystery, to explore and discover. The works of art are created not through a planned process but rather the starting point is an impulse, a visual or musical trigger. These signals lure the me into the unknown territories where my intuition and inner vision leads to spontaneous discoveries. As a teenager my box camera was an excuse to drift away from trouble, to capture in a photo something, that was at the same time ambiguous and exciting. As a cinematographer/ director of documentaries from1976 to1980 I was acknowledged as an acute observer of people and an highly experimental filmmaker. I have been working in various fields of the arts, consistently for the ...

    Tom Irizarry Studio - Oil painter with broad knowledge of historic methods and historic colors. My studio is my laboratory. I make all my paint. My work focuses on elements of the earth air and land. What I observe is beyond a pretty sky or nice landscape. It is the notion that our earth and the universe, are imbued with a specific energy. Historically, this energy was described by the Victorian poet Gerard Manley Hopkins as Instress and Inscape, derived from ideas of the medieval philosopher, Duns Scotus. Scotus argued that there is some matter entirely devoid of form. Paintings can vary from 9 x 12 inches to 6 x 8 feet. Viewers describe a profound feeling from the paintings, regardless of the size. Specialties Historic processes for paint making, mediums, grounds, oils, mineral pigments, oil mediums, tempera mediums, non-silver processes cyanotypes and archival digital pigment prints....

    Judith Fritchman - I cannot remember a time when I did not want to draw or paint. From my earliest childhood days I have found great joy in depicting my surroundings. Compelling images call out to be examined and expressed: a lone oak tree starkly outlined against a curve of corn stubble, a Cezanne-like arrangement of objects on a table as I walk through a room. But of all God's infinitely varied creations, it is the human face and form which most fascinates and humbles me; the possibility of capturing a fleeting aspect of humanity unique to that individual is an endlessly exciting pursuit. After studying at Beaver College, Cedar Crest College, and Lehigh University, I have also studied classical drawing and design for many years with Myron Barnstone at his studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania. There I have learned to examine the work of great artists of the past as instruction and inspiration. Knowing they have pursued similar interests is a gratifying experience, offering the potential for learning something new, and using it to express my own personal images, values, and emotions. It is my hope that each of my works will reflect, in some small way, a facet of the ...

    Philip Hallawell - I work in various media: oil, watercolor, dry pastels, pen and ink and mixed media. My work is a result of a fragmented view of the world, which gives it a surreal quality. However, my process is not surreal, because I start with a definite theme that I wish to investigate. My main area of interest is people and the human form and I am constantly investigating the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of Man. Over the years I have developed various series, which I revisit periodocally, investigating different aspects. In purely visual terms, what fascinates me is light and form and how I can use diverse visual elements in a complementary way, opposing, for instance, line and form, or rough and smooth textures. The use of diferent materials to achieve diverse expressions, either alone or as mixed media, along with alternating between a graphic representation and a painterly one, or mixing the two, is a very important aspect of the way I materialize my thinking into images. Equally important is the transition from very realistic images to a totally abstract means of expression and alternating between control and expressiveness....

    Cornelia Macfadyen - CVMacFadyen, a native New York, studied art at the Art Student's League and Pratt Institute. Here she received a classical training with a heavy influence from the impressionists. CV's work is abstract expressionsist. Her paintings are rich in color and texture. Each painting evokes a different repsonse from it's viewer. The subtle changes in texture are color obscure images lurking in the background. Through her painting CV strives to touch each person. She reaches within to allow the viewer to have an experience of themselves. CV works in oil on canvas. All pictures are sized for the home. Oversized canvases maybe commissioned upon request. Her work is in private collections in the United States and Europe. CV has been exibiting her work exclusively in the New York area since 1976. She is mentioned in the World's Who Who of Women, Who's Who in the East and Who's Who of Professional & Executive Women. ...

    Michal Ashkenasi - Welcome to my Portfolio! If you are wondering if this is just another floral/landscape artist,I am not! My work is abstract-figurative and ,as you see,I love color!!I work directly on the canvas and the images come out of my imagination or from my memory . I do Collages and Watercolor too , but for me , the most deep feelings come out with Oil or Acrylic.With those media I can fulfill the strong contrastes I work with , and which are part of my style....

    James Gwynne - The sky and clouds afford the artist a tremendous number of shapes and colors. Movement can be captured in rhythmical patterns and forms. Together, these qualities can be inspirational and aesthetically stimulating when captured on canvas. The environmental paintings show the landscape affected by intrusions by man in the form of grafitti, trash, discarded objects, utility poles, etc. One can say that these are ugly reminders of landscape abuse, or that the beauty of nature dominates whatever intrudes. The figure paintings evolved from drawings done along with students during 30 years of teaching life drawing at the college level....