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Over 4971 works of original contemporary art for sale in the price range $300 - $399. On this page you can find works by Lucille Coleman, Emilio Merlina, Paula Durbin, Adam Adamou, Bessie Papazafiriou, Harry Bayley, Hyacinthe Kuller-baron, Rita Levinsohn for the follwing mediums: 1. Links to more artwork and 172 pages for works in the price range $300 - $399 and links to further artists' works at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these visual artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio.

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Lucille Coleman: 'Tiger Talk', 2003 Oil Painting, Children. A whimsical painting whose theme is the fantasy life of a child.A(c) 2003 Lucille Coleman...
, 2003
Children - Painting
18 x 24 inches (45.7 x 61.0 cm)
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Emilio Merlina: 'give a glance at me', 2004 Mixed Media Sculpture, Inspirational. acrylic on paper , glue and rusty iron plate...
Inspirational - Sculpture
40 x 52 cm (15.7 x 20.5 inches)
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Paula Durbin: 'Alien Flowers', 2000 Color Photograph, Botanical. Fresson Print.  May be printed in other sizes and processes. ...
Botanical - Photograph
28 x 22 inches (71.1 x 55.9 cm)
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Adam Adamou: 'Fleurworks 2', 2003 Acrylic Painting, Floral.
Floral - Painting
600 x 405 mm ( x )
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Bessie Papazafiriou: 'Two Trees in Metsovo', 2003 Lithograph, Landscape. Metsovo is a wonderful mountain village in Greece.  While exploring the surrounding woods just before sunset, I discovered these amazing tees nestled together like an old couple.Comments:  Framed...
Landscape - Lithograph
18 x 20 inches (45.7 x 50.8 cm)
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Harry Bayley: 'Emerald Arch', 1999 Illustration, Abstract. Painted in actylics on a canvas panel. This picture is painted from a local nature trail, it is exacuted in a way to give a fantasy element to the image. ...
Abstract - Illustration
30 x 25 inches (76.2 x 63.5 cm)
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Hyacinthe Kuller-baron: 'Marilyn Monroe Forever Young', 2002 Serigraph, Portrait. HOMAGE TO MARILYN MONROEOn the Anniversary of her death. Artist Hyacinthe Baron painted a portrait of Marilyn Monroe while she was alive. Only 2 of the hand cut silkscreen artist' s proofs by Hyacinthe Baron exist. Now they are being offered for sale in honor of the artist' s ...
Portrait - Serigraph
16 x 20 inches (40.6 x 50.8 cm)
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Harry Bayley: 'Water Wheel', 1999 Illustration, Abstract. Painted in acrylics on a canvas panel. Painted from a scene in Glendoll, Scotland....
Abstract - Illustration
30 x 25 inches (76.2 x 63.5 cm)
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Rita Levinsohn: 'Encounters', 1999 Mixed Media, Abstract.
, 1999
Abstract - Mixed Media
24 x 24 inches (61.0 x 61.0 cm)
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    Lucille Coleman - Although I'm able to produce other imagery, the figure has been my main subject. I believe that if an artist can capture and express the figure well, he can master any subject. I have explored the following themes to name a few: chic erotica, forms of dance such as latin and hip-hop, the family, conceptual themes pertaining to people in business, men and women in positive leadership roles and societal issues. I enjoy painting subjects and themes by using a loose, bold, direct and painterly brushstroke or flat graphite strokes over a solid drawing. Spontaneity and making visual statements by the "less is more" method is very gratifying for me. In addition, the chiaroscuro lighting of subjects fascinates me and I never tire of its effects of light and shadow. I am influenced by the works of Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargeant, Caravaggio and other painters of his era, Wassily Kandinsky, Phillip Corey, Impressionism, and many great illustrators. ...

    Emilio Merlina - I was born in 1950 in the North East of Italy from a polish mother and a sicilian father. I toured the world until I was 35, then I returned to Italy and picked up again my old passion painting and sculpture. As for myself, I can only say thoughts and paintings, paintings and thoughts. Everything maybe useless, however everything is life. i?1/2The human being leaves its signs, graffiti, indian dreams and imagination. Now I only have left a few more possibilities to express the colors which are not. Only the sign, scratched, angry or brushed is the witness. The sign has passed from there and there it has lived.i?1/2 Emilio Merlina Some hear if a door opens Others hear a latch which opens or closes Others more they hear the Angel when he turns over a page of the Great Book From the novel Missa Sine Nomine By Ernst Wiechert I have words which relegate my hunger And the hunger which owns my body but which do not confine them I have words which are both my confined hunger and body By the Italian poetess Paola Lovisolo ...

    Paula Durbin - Photography has always captured my spirit. It was only natural that my creative "release" be expressed through the same medium. But, because I am a unique spirit, it had to have other levels of creativity - the photo itself just wasn't enough. My first creative approach to photography was the use of the Polaroid transfer technique. My work consisted of subjects that are still close to me: animals and nature. The technique suited me well; it expresses the selected image seen and it allows me to further express its beauty with the softness of the technique. The watercolor paper used brings yet another dimension to the image. A search for the true expression in my photography led me to explore the techniques of the Fresson family of photographers. The Fresson technique, which culminates in the special care given the developmental process and the paper used, presented me the opportunity to express the richness of my photography. My work now moves beyond that 'moment' and presents a depth and richness perhaps not otherwise felt. I am honored to be a part of the Fresson family. There are only a limited number of artists with whom I share this honor. Having gone ...

    Paula Durbin - Bessie Papazafiriou - Through my work I'm able to express reality in my own way. With a brush in hand suddenly horses can fly, the sky is ablaze, myths become reality and the world is transformed. To me, this is freedom. There is an unequaled sense of joy and satisfaction that comes from being able to express my vision and share it with others. I love it when a stranger views my work and feels a connection...suddenly we're no longer strangers. A new line of communication is open, one that transcends language....

    Harry Bayley - My paintings are very much about expressing colour in different ways, which I incorporate into whatever painting that I am working on whether it be my own work or a commission. I think colour when used in a painting whether it be bold or subtle can make all the differnce. I would describe my paintings as absrtact, contemporary and full of colour expression....

    Harry Bayley - Rita Levinsohn - Welcome to my world of Other Realities. I am a painter of mystical figurative paintings and abstractions composed of acrylic paint and found objects. My concern is for the future of our planet. The animate and inanimate objects within the paintings reflect many incarnations. The message being that it is possible to create rather than destroy....