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Over 2805 works of original contemporary art for sale in the price range $3000 - $3999. On this page you can find works by Hyacinthe Kuller-baron, Jose Luis Lazaro Ferre, Philip Hallawell, Grace Auyeung, Michal Ashkenasi for the follwing mediums: 1. Links to more artwork and 97 pages for works in the price range $3000 - $3999 and links to further artists' works at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these visual artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio.

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Jose Luis Lazaro Ferre: 'Tables with Samovar', 2002 Oil Painting, Still Life.
Still Life - Painting
70 x 100 cm (27.6 x 39.4 inches)
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Philip Hallawell: 'Sight', 1977 Pen Drawing, Figurative. A work about awareness. The objective was to capture the intensity, discipline and steadfastness necessary in the search for awareness....
, 1977
Figurative - Drawing
35 x 50 cm (13.8 x 19.7 inches)
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Grace Auyeung: 'Make believe', 2001 Other Painting, Landscape. This painting was done with Chinese ink and color on paper.  It is a dreamscape and the technique is more than one step from the traditional. ...
Landscape - Painting
26 x 53 inches (66.0 x 134.6 cm)
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Michal Ashkenasi: 'MidsummernightDream', 1998 Oil Painting, Inspirational. This is the outcome of a folkloristic festival in the Artist Colony in Sefad, Israel, where the music was in the air and I could see, in my mind, all kinds of dancing images! !...
Inspirational - Painting
120 x 100 cm (47.2 x 39.4 inches)
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Jose Luis Lazaro Ferre: 'Moon and Violin', 2002 Oil Painting, Cats.
Cats - Painting
70 x 80 cm (27.6 x 31.5 inches)
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    Daniel Clarke - Jose Luis Lazaro Ferre - I think the easiest way to define my activity as an artist and my intellectual approach to art would be to quote Apollinaire's thesis in his Les Peintres cubistes: meditations esthetiques, especially the following sections: ... Therefore, as an offer to the spirit, in the plastic arts, the fourth dimension should be generated by the three known dimensions: represented by the immensity of space eternally present in all the dimensions of a given moment ... Cubism differs from the painting that came before it because it is not the art of imitation, but the art of thought raised to the level of creation ... Scientific cubism is one of the pure trends. It is the art of painting new compositions with elements taken not from visual reality, but from the reality of knowledge ... Physical cubism is the art of painting compositions with elements taken primarily from virtual reality In my painting, I work with geometric figures arranged on different planes that overlap one another and blend into real shapes (bottles, cats, birds, fruit), fabricated objects (small origami birds and paper boats) and everyday things (hats, shoes, etc.) to create a world of mystery and sensuality. The lines I draw are ...

    Philip Hallawell - I work in various media: oil, watercolor, dry pastels, pen and ink and mixed media. My work is a result of a fragmented view of the world, which gives it a surreal quality. However, my process is not surreal, because I start with a definite theme that I wish to investigate. My main area of interest is people and the human form and I am constantly investigating the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of Man. Over the years I have developed various series, which I revisit periodocally, investigating different aspects. In purely visual terms, what fascinates me is light and form and how I can use diverse visual elements in a complementary way, opposing, for instance, line and form, or rough and smooth textures. The use of diferent materials to achieve diverse expressions, either alone or as mixed media, along with alternating between a graphic representation and a painterly one, or mixing the two, is a very important aspect of the way I materialize my thinking into images. Equally important is the transition from very realistic images to a totally abstract means of expression and alternating between control and expressiveness....

    Grace Auyeung - Landscape painting is my artistic gravity, and I mainly use Chinese ink, colour and Xuan paper as media. I like to explore various techniques and styles, but I place strong emphasis on the use of lines to express my feelings and thoughts about the landscape I try to recreate. I see my art as a vision of my inner self and my spiritual self as well....

    Michal Ashkenasi - Welcome to my Portfolio! If you are wondering if this is just another floral/landscape artist,I am not! My work is abstract-figurative and ,as you see,I love color!!I work directly on the canvas and the images come out of my imagination or from my memory . I do Collages and Watercolor too , but for me , the most deep feelings come out with Oil or Acrylic.With those media I can fulfill the strong contrastes I work with , and which are part of my style....