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Over 1755 works of original contemporary art for sale in the price range $900 - $999. On this page you can find works by Rosalyn M. Gaier, Jack Earley, Michal Ashkenasi for the follwing mediums: 1. Links to more artwork and 61 pages for works in the price range $900 - $999 and links to further artists' works at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these visual artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio.

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Jack Earley: 'Lion Pride', 1990 Other Painting, Animals. The work is done with sumi- e inks, a medium often used by Asians. It is on acid- free museum paper and comes unframed....
, 1990
Animals - Painting
32 x 24 inches (81.3 x 61.0 cm)
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Michal Ashkenasi: 'Ilusory', 1991 Oil Painting, Fantasy. An Abstract with an Optical enigma! Is it a kind of tree with a lilac background or is it a lilac gorge with a colourful tree in the background? Whatever you choose, it' s right! !...
, 1991
Fantasy - Painting
60 x 40 cm (23.6 x 15.7 inches)
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    Rosalyn M. Gaier - Beauty. Meditative thought. Nuance. These are subjects of my collagraphs. They take on important implications when examined in light of today's American instant gratification culture. While convenience, speed and availability have become hallmarks of our American way of life and our society's progress, there remains a need for something more meaningful. That something is beauty. From my frame of personal artistic reference, "beauty" involves the viewer by initiating the response of taking pause, suddenly, unawares. Arousing the response from deep within, beauty disarms and fulfills at one and the same time. This elusive beauty is vital nourishment for mind and soul. Does today's American art disarm and fulfill? How well are our minds and souls being nourished? Unfortunately, Americans' appreciation and awareness of beauty are partially numbed by their frenzy experience of instant gratification. Beauty falls prey to the mindset of fast food, "Shop till you drop" and instant access to just about everything. We sacrifice refined taste, uniqueness and rewarded perseverance for what often is ephemeral and not quite satisfying. What this means for artists is that their best pieces can be easily overlooked. Unless relevance and nuance of an artwork can be realized immediately, instant ...

    Jack Earley - After writing for two decades, I was developing an idea that I knew could be better expressed as a painting. So in the mid-eighties I took up full-time a life-time passion: painting. My work is about inner energy; about, first of all, my own energy and internal balance, reinforced through the practice of yoga and tai chi. I sign the inner energy of the subject matter onto the canvas. I work with acrylics on canvas and sumi-e inks on rice paper. I also sculpt using wood, copper and leather. Along with focusing on the inner energy of my subject matter, I am constantly working with an awareness that humans have an ancient need to see form, be it in clouds or in chipped paint on a wall or in waving leaves. The ability to decipher forms is part of our oldest survival skills. Imagine the advantage of being able to quickly spot the approaching bear among the shifting shadows of trees. Imagine the advantage and the thrill. On many canvases, I create forms so the viewer "discovers" them in an uplifting act. Often, I give the paint its head in creating forms, like freeing a captured ...

    Michal Ashkenasi - Welcome to my Portfolio! If you are wondering if this is just another floral/landscape artist,I am not! My work is abstract-figurative and ,as you see,I love color!!I work directly on the canvas and the images come out of my imagination or from my memory . I do Collages and Watercolor too , but for me , the most deep feelings come out with Oil or Acrylic.With those media I can fulfill the strong contrastes I work with , and which are part of my style....