Parable Of The Blood Of The Poet Printmaking By Jerry Di Falco

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Artist Jerry  Di Falco. 'Parable Of The Blood Of The Poet' Artwork Image, Created in 2014, Original Digital Art. #art #artist
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Jerry Di Falco


Parable Of The Blood Of The Poet

Size - (USA):
12 W x 9 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
30.5 W x 22.9 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

NOTE: ONLY FIVE REMAIN Actual Title: PARABLE OF THE POET'S BLOODPrintmaking: Aquatint, Drypoint, Etching, Ink and Paper on Paper and Other. Size: 9 H x 12 W x 1 in Genre: Printmaking (ZINC PLATE ETCHING)
Techniques: Intaglio, Aquatint, Dry Point. 
Media: French, oil-based VIOLET etching ink on STONEHENGE (Light Blue) etching paper from UK.
 Editions: THREE Editions of only TEN prints per edition. This print is from the FIRST EDITION (3rd best of 10). The work was hand-printed by the artist, Di Falco, within The Open Etching Studio (705 Christian Street), located at Fleisher Art Memorial�s Center for Works on Paper in Philadelphia. Fleisher is a part of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

 Dimensions: Outer Frame � 9in h x 12in w (22.860cm by 30.480cm); print-9.5in wide x 7.5 in w.; Image size is 4in h x 6in w.; this is executed on two zinc plates, each plate measures 4inches high by 3 inches wide (or 10.160cm by 15.240cm). INFO:This is the first work in a series entitled THE MAJOR ARCANA } PARABLES IN POET-TREE 4 Matt: A Book of Revelations for the Present Age's Collapse into the BEGINNING of the N'd. This etching coincides with THE FOOL in the TAROT. PARABLE ONEWe live is cells; we live in instant communication with quarks and G-nomes that burrow beneath our flesh and eat out dreams. We grind up baby chickens alive in dog food factories and shampoo our bald heads with fetal remains. We are the Children of Cocteau and our fangs ache; the vines from our parables quake within our prisons. We hear the voice that is not there and she is violet. . . magenta. . . a parable of the vine and fishes. Keywords: pyramids, chickens, dna, corpse, death, jails, grapes, mice, mysteries
Artwork Keywords:   Original Printmaking
Materials:   Etching Prints

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