A Symphony Of Fear Printmaking By Edward Lighthouse

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Artist Edward  Lighthouse. 'A Symphony Of Fear' Artwork Image, Created in 2014, Original Printmaking Woodcut. #art #artist
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Edward Lighthouse


A Symphony Of Fear

Size - (USA):
31 W x 31 H x 4 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
12.2 W x 12.2 H x 1.6 D (inches)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

This painting it contains True Holy Light of the Holy Spirit The painting with powers The painting that can judge everything and everyone https: www. youtube. com watch v=VuRKWboprw8 In the Dark Woods lives Fear. A grey creature made of dark light that can sneak in every corner of the forest. For her life is a continuous battle with... herself. Because all the creatures of the Dark Woods,have fear of the .... Fear. This way also for them life it is a continuous battle with fear. The call of Fear,you can hear it from a distance. A sharp sound,like a calling, gentle at first, almost beautiful,but growing after moments, as a cry of pain, fear makes its appearance. Even the wind have fear of... Fear. He begins to blow when the creature is gone,and when he hears Fear approaching then he stops blowing. All the forest creatures, deer, squirrels, badgers, owls,night butterflies , different crawling creatures,flee when hear... Fear .... Because the noise after fear is... silence. A silence of a beauty untamed. And in that darkness,in that silence,all you can see is small lights,watching with fear that grey-dark creature passing away. In a corner a squirrel is crying,because she has lost her peanut,and she has... fear,to not find another one very soon. She doesn t care very much that Fear is passing,or that an owl is watching her from a distance,waiting in fear for the moment to catch her prey. Even the moon is hiding behind dark clouds for not be seen by... Fear. Like a candle in the Night ,the moon is rising with her beautiful light across the Dark Woods. It is the sign that Fear has been gone. It is the moment when you can hear the wind blowing in the hollows of old trees,an unmistakable sound,a symphony without any meaning. A Symphony of Fear , a misunderstood beauty,a misunderstood love.... the love of after the .... Fear. And creatures of the forest talk and talk with fear about.... Fear. A wild rabbit, along with its offspring is running in fear toward his lair. That mighty creature ,the queen of the jungle,can see in every corner of darkness,and can fumbled every soul to see how much amount of herself lives in that soul. Even the mighty hunter is afraid to come to the Dark Woods. For him it s just a feeling that he can feels from a distance,not knowing that there lives the colors of... Fear. A badger speaks to crowds ,with fear,about... Fear. He tries to explain that they should not fear of... Fear. A revolt to overthrow the Queen prepares for her. An orchestra of musicians accompanies the March of Fear ,an army made of all the creatures of the forest,marching to Fear s palace. Their weapon is.... Courage mixed with Fear,because even in Courage can live... Fear. Different story ,the same old fight,between good and evil,the same old song,the same notes,with a beginning and an end. When they reach the castle,fear make its appearance at her balcony,looking with her grey looks to the crowds gathered in front of her palace. A roar a scream the cry of fear,trying to chase the creatures of the forest,but without any success. Their unwavering eyes say one thing to Fear,Be Gone A beautiful Light emerging from all the creatures of the forest,illuminates the forest,making Fear to leave and to disappear forever. A kiss between the Moon and the Clouds is the first sign that Fear it s gone. The green of the trees can be seen again,and all the creatures are happy again,because fear has been gone from their forest.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Printmaking
Materials:   Woodcut Prints

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