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Stephanie Grimes, Amanda Van Gils, Devi Delavie, Maris Grosbahs, Elena Paroucheva, Marques Vickers, Grzegorz Luszczyk, Frank Shifreen, Vadim Kirillov, Sylvia Volpi, Bryan Patterson, Alexander Bluvshteyn, Nicole Murray, Gerard Leckey, Venelin Ivanov, Bostonarts Gallery, Depree Shadowwalker, Petri Kiviniemi, James Piatt, Meredith Cutler, Pascal Bruandet offering original Mixed Media Sculptures artworks.

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Stephanie Grimes: 'Protoaddiction', 2005 Mixed Media Sculpture, Figurative. The bronze head of this award winning sculpture sits on a two- toned, curved wooden
Figurative - Sculpture
9 x 23 inches (22.9 x 58.4 cm)
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Amanda Van Gils: 'Sunny VW', 2002 Mixed Media Sculpture, undecided. Media used: Ceramic, oil paint, mdf, string, milliput, acrylic paint, steel, blackboard paint and pastel.Car is painted ceramic, roofracks made from milliput and wood, paintings on roofrack oil on board, tied down with string. Available with or without a painted steel stand ( stand shown unavailable) . Size and weight given ...
, 2002
undecided - Sculpture
27 x 16 cm (10.6 x 6.3 inches)
Amanda Van Gils: 'Swerve', 2001 Mixed Media Sculpture, undecided. Wall mounted sculpture features 3 screw tabs for secure positioning into masonry, plaster or timber. Car is painted ceramic, landscapes tied to car roofrack are oil on board. Road is steel that has been painted and drawn on. ...
, 2001
undecided - Sculpture
116 x 22 cm (45.7 x 8.7 inches)
Devi Delavie: 'Audience', 2005 Mixed Media Sculpture, Fantasy. In a clearing a Leafwing Princess chats with a butterfly Nymph. ...
, 2005
Fantasy - Sculpture
12 x 16 inches (30.5 x 40.6 cm)
Maris Grosbahs: 'Made in Latvia Nr7', 2003 Mixed Media Sculpture, undecided.  Polyurethane relieve  shows accurate copie of significantly enlarged detail, small point and area of the artist' s face, creating an intimate self- portrait with peculiar fragments of facial topography....
undecided - Sculpture
90 x 120 cm (35.4 x 47.2 inches)
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Devi Delavie: 'Pere Noel', 2004 Mixed Media Sculpture, Fantasy. One of a kind, Collector' s Art Doll. ...
, 2004
Fantasy - Sculpture
29 x 27 inches (73.7 x 68.6 cm)
Elena Paroucheva: 'Acrobates', 2003 Mixed Media Sculpture, Architecture. Sculpture for electric' art projerts...
, 2003
Architecture - Sculpture
27 x 10 cm (10.6 x 3.9 inches)
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Marques Vickers: 'Neo Formalism Sculptures', 2003 Mixed Media Sculpture, Figurative. Neo- Formalism is a contemporary articulation of the human figure incorporating 20th century introduced design and form elements including abstract color fields, textile and fiber materials and industrial polyurethane resigns.The formative roots and influences originate from a synthesis of the San Francisco Bay Area Figurative movement of the late ...
Figurative - Sculpture
24 x 70 inches (61.0 x 177.8 cm)
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Grzegorz Luszczyk: 'Metal object', 1996 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract.
Abstract - Sculpture
7 x 16 cm (2.8 x 6.3 inches)
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Frank Shifreen: 'Plastic Fog', 1993 Mixed Media Sculpture, undecided. Plastic fog was made with the same kind of plastic used to bag drugs. Strips of Plastic were densly hung in a in a Thirty foot square. The piece was as difficult as a jungle to penetrate m but with a diffuse  beautiful light. ...
undecided - Sculpture
30 x 18 feet (9.14 x 5.49 m)
Frank Shifreen: 'Spiders Memory', 1993 Mixed Media Sculpture, Healing. Spiders Memory was created for a Rave - The Cats Head in Greenpoint...
Healing - Sculpture
40 x 20 feet (12.19 x 6.10 m)
Vadim Kirillov: 'the bot 2', 2003 Mixed Media Sculpture, Figurative.
, 2003
Figurative - Sculpture
120 x 40 cm (47.2 x 15.7 inches)
Sylvia Volpi: 'Tied', 2001 Mixed Media Sculpture, Figurative.
, 2001
Figurative - Sculpture
120 x 80 cm (47.2 x 31.5 inches)
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Amanda Van Gils: 'Desert Ute', 2001 Mixed Media Sculpture, Travel. Ceramic, steel, oil on mdf, acrylic  and pastel....
, 2001
Travel - Sculpture
32 x 30 cm (12.6 x 11.8 inches)
Amanda Van Gils: 'Generic Red Ute', 2001 Mixed Media Sculpture, Humor. Ceramic, steel, acrylic paint, oil paint on mdf, pastel....
Humor - Sculpture
22 x 50 cm (8.7 x 19.7 inches)
Bryan Patterson: 'Evolution Too', 2003 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract. Sculpture of wood and stone portrays the evolution of thought from here to the vast spiritual energies of beyond....
Abstract - Sculpture
14 x 52 inches (35.6 x 132.1 cm)
Bryan Patterson: 'Evolution Too', 2003 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract. Detail of the sculpture of wood and stone portrays the evolution of thought from here to the vast spiritual energies of beyond....
Abstract - Sculpture
14 x 52 inches (35.6 x 132.1 cm)
Alexander Bluvshteyn: 'The vivid dream of the housewife', 2002 Mixed Media Sculpture, Family.
Family - Sculpture
18 x 28 inches (45.7 x 71.1 cm)
Bryan Patterson: 'To The Core', 2002 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract. This one tells varied stories.  See what it does for you.  Touching really helps....
Abstract - Sculpture
12 x 48 inches (30.5 x 121.9 cm)
Nicole Murray: 'Fiddleship The Ship In Full Sail', 2002 Mixed Media Sculpture, Music. The airy beauty of a ship is created out of musical instruments, carried on sails of sheet music.  Using the negative space between the wave form and the deck ( made from a fiddle) to describe the keel shape, the details of the boat include tin whistles for masts and sheet ...
Music - Sculpture
400 x 860 mm ( x )
Gerard Leckey: 'Heavenly Host', 1992 Mixed Media Sculpture, Urban. Sound installation at Galerie Oboro in Montreal. Collaboration with Patrick Harrop. Indeed....
Urban - Sculpture
6 x 13 feet (1.83 x 3.96 m)
Venelin Ivanov: 'flora', 2000 Mixed Media Sculpture, Floral. bronze, copper, stone...
, 2000
Floral - Sculpture
120 x 160 cm (47.2 x 63.0 inches)
Bostonarts Gallery: 'Dialogue on the Nile', 1993 Mixed Media Sculpture, Figurative. Beautiful ladies face to face on a stone base that revolves. ARTIST: Josef Bonfil...
Figurative - Sculpture
12 x 0 inches (30.5 x 0.0 cm)
Depree Shadowwalker: 'Fertility', 1998 Mixed Media Sculpture, Inspirational. Fertility is a woman impregnated with the creations from Heaven. She uses her hands to transform the mundaneness of her life.  Heaven bestows upon her wings for strength and a eagle' s tail for guidance.  At her feet is a skull to remind us of the cycle of life which ...
, 1998
Inspirational - Sculpture
7 x 11 inches (17.8 x 27.9 cm)
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Petri Kiviniemi: 'Tower', 2000 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract. Neonlights, metal...
, 2000
Abstract - Sculpture
60 x 175 cm (23.6 x 68.9 inches)
James Piatt: 'undisclosed room with vault', 2000 Mixed Media Sculpture, Other. iron tubes with 23k goldafter botticelli...
Other - Sculpture
5 x 8 feet (1.52 x 2.44 m)
Meredith Cutler: 'Random Access Denied detail', 2000 Mixed Media Sculpture, Political. This is a detail of a 5- piece sculpture.  This piece was done for a themed show titled
Political - Sculpture
0 x 0 inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
Meredith Cutler: 'Random Access Denied', 2000 Mixed Media Sculpture, Political. This piece was done for a themed show titled
Political - Sculpture
48 x 5 inches (121.9 x 12.7 cm)
Pascal Bruandet: 'grand torchis', 2001 Mixed Media Sculpture, Interior.
Interior - Sculpture
400 x 600 cm (157.5 x 236.2 inches)
Eric Ehlenberger: 'Kaza Garuma ', 2001 Mixed Media Sculpture, Culture. A singular
Culture - Sculpture
34 x 31 inches (86.4 x 78.7 cm)
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    Stephanie Grimes - Education 2003- University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP)- B.A. in Studio Art 2003- Fayetteville Technical Community College- Welding 1997-2000 Fayetteville Technical Community College- Various art classes 1983- North Carolina State University- B.S. in Zoology Exhibitions 2007- Gala Corina "Iluminacion", Tampa, Florida 2007- Platforum Floida "Fusion" Art Party ...

    Amanda Van Gils - Visit my website www.amandavangils.com or follow me on Facebook for regular interactive updates

    Devi Delavie - I've decided to use the website to showcase ORIGINAL ONE OF A KIND WORK. The prices are subject to change reflecting current market value. Full-sized GICLEE FINEART REPRODUCTIONS are available at 50% of the original's price. I am once again working full-time immersed in the latest digital video production environment. PREFERRED MEDIA WORKS in Flagstaff, AZ. (928) 213-0750. Again a forum for all of my visual, performing and media arts background....

    Maris Grosbahs - By creating my work, I tray to understand, and educate myself and the viewer through my findings, even though I do not really believe in seeking and I do not believe in finding. ...

    Elena Paroucheva - Elena was born in Bulgaria, graduate of the fine arts at the University of Veliko Tirnovo "Sants Cyrille and Methode" Lives and work in France since 1991. Artist plastician, works in the fields of painting, the sculpture, the installations, the artistic actions, the public orders. For several years, it has developed its project on Art and the Environment: " High Voltage Sculptures and Installations ". Acquisitions: << Peter Ludwig >> Modern Art Museum - Aachen (Germany). Ministry of Culture - Sofia (Bulgaria). The National Art Museum - Sofia (Bulgaria). << Kliment Ohridski >> University of Sofia (Bulgaria). Fine Arts Museums - Sliven (Bulgaria). Fine Arts Museums - Iambol (Bulgaria). Modern Art Museum - Blois (France). << Art in Bulgaria >> collection (Bulgaria). Contemporary Art Museum - Lisbon (Portugal). Contemporary Art Museum - Les Ardennes (France). Galleries permanently: Gallery "Orsel" - Paris Gallery "Celine" - Paris Gallery "Aktuaryus" - Strasbourg Website: www.art-elena.com...

    Marques Vickers - PAINTING Painting is a personal battleground, a composition process of revealing the complexity of oneself. The artist cannot separate their passions from the canvas. It is the core of their inspiration-the surrogate therapist. Figurative abstract painting is a process of stripping away the veils of the external to expose the soul. This unveiling process is accomplished through stratum brushwork, the layering of color until a slow realization of the image emerges. The laboriously intense scraping and slashing of brushstrokes ultimately isolates the solitary figure in a transitional movement. With my dancer paintings, the movements of dance are successive brushstrokes from the color palette. The passion radiated to the audience is expressed by the depth and intensity of each stroke. The integrating of color represents each transitional passage formed by the motion of each successive step. My intent is to blur the sequence between positioning and transitioning the demands of a well executed dance sequence. NEO-FORMALISM SCULPTURE Neo-Formalism is a contemporary articulation of the human figure incorporating 20th century introduced design and form elements including abstract color fields, textile and fiber materials and industrial polyurethane resigns. The formative roots and influences originate from a synthesis of the San ...

    Grzegorz Luszczyk - Grzegorz Luszczyk belongs to a small group of artists fascinated in leather as an artistic material, in its facture, plasticity and other attributes. Though it has accompanied man since the dawn of history, in contemporary art has been used since not long ago. He also designs and makes statuettes, signboards and gadgets using colour metals, stainless steel together with marble, stone, leather and other materials. The state-of-art techniques like laser and water stream cutting out or powder painting have been used in manufacturing process. Grzegorz Luszczyk's emotional comprehension of art reflects in his works and in permanent searching for artistic material. First, there was metal, next leather, later canvas and paints. Now, there is metal once more but together with stone and plastic. Problems with identity? Rather consequence in penetrating of new artistic expression areas. In his 20 years lasting adventure with art he has tried his hand at different fields. He shaped metal, formed leather, painted, designed small objects... He presented his achievements on 17 exhibitions in Warsaw, Gdansk, Moscow, Madrid and other towns. His works are present in numerous collections in Poland, West Europe, Japan and in the USA. ...

    Frank Shifreen - My art is about the power of the image to bypass the limitations of the self, controlled through language and its paradigms. The image is a life raft. The connection of the seer to the seen is the same as self to other , or me to you. Images, whether they be paintings, digital works or videos are gestalts, and embody identity. My art is about figure and ground that is transformed in many ways- materials, subject and meaning. I am a situationist and believe that art can create new paradigms for the future. It is a protected frame of content that can carry meaning, experimental ideas and projections. I have been a painter and sculptor, and still work in those media, but my primary form is now digital art and video, or hybrid combination. Besides being an artist, I have curated and organized many exhibitions, in New York. The Monumental Shows, Terminal Show (Co-curator), Pan Arts, Plexus. Recently curated "From the Ashes" 911 Memorials and "Ground Zero" at the Detroit Museum of New Art, and Freyberger Gallery - Penn State Berks Campus I am a Doctoral Candidate in Art and Art Education at Columbia University Teachers College...

    Sylvia Volpi - PHILOSOPHY: To be an artist is to be creative, autonomous, conscious, bold... It is to dare and allow yourself the delirium, reach the imaginary, the fantasy, the pleasure, the beauty ... To wish for the real and to wish for the impossible. It's to open wide, through your work, desires, fights and sorrows in a disclosure. The creative process is the product of the hand , the mind, the imagination and of the work, which is motivated by the search for a conquer: THE CONSTRUCTION OF YOUR OWN SELF. ...

    Bryan Patterson - Bryan Patterson is a Vermont artist and designer. Bryan is directly descended from Johannes Lapp, a founder of the Amish community in America. Among his relatives is Henry Lapp of the late 1800's. Henry was an amazing deaf mute carpenter/craftsman and has his work displayed in The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Bryan says, i?1/2I've always had a love of wood and began creating with it before learning of my Lapp ancestors.i?1/2 Bryan started woodworking professionally in 1977 and has had his work featured in several publications over the years. Concretions have added the newest development to Bryani?1/2s work. He and his family harvest these treasures while swimming in the gorgeous rivers of Vermont. The real enjoyment comes from their display of as many wonderful pictures they make in the mind's eye like those you see in the clouds. Mythology of the Abenaki Indian says that "Wana-games-ak, reckless creatures or those who have lost their minds, are little people of another genus, who inhabit rivers. They have narrow faces'like the blade of a hatchet', so only the profile has an outline. Their noses are high and aquiline,'so large as to be all ...

    Nicole Murray - Australian artist Nicole Murray is a painter, illustrator, sculptor and musician. Working from her studio in Maleny, she creates figurative works which fire the imagination through their narrative and their beauty. She is currently painting a series of sculptural banyan figs, working in oils and acrylics. Landscapes of the local Maleny area and lively images of musicians also deck the studio at the moment. Previous projects have included: a series of paintings and collages of musicians, dancers and other participants in the Australian folk music scene; children's book illustrations for "Blik", by Sandy McCutcheon, published in April 2002; paintings on books, literally using books as the substrate and investigating themes drawn from books; and working with folk duo Cloudstreet, touring Australia and internationally. ...

    Bostonarts Gallery - The only gallery dedicated to the promotion of the newest art genre: Contemporary Artist Dolls, one-of-a-kind and very limited edition mixed media figurative sculptures, also known as: dressed sculptures, characters, fantasy and historical figures. Most gallery works are created by graphic artists, illustrators, sculptors, theatrical designers, painters and artists from varied art disciplines. You will find decorative and collectible works as well as museum quality. ...

    Petri Kiviniemi - I am a sculptor. My works have been shown since 1994. Sometimes i connect painting and sculpture in the form of assemblage. My current works deal with the human being and her or his relationship to changing society, and the dressing up as art of "development" and innovation. My robot sculptures and the giant abacus sculpture are a good example of this....

    James Piatt - i'm a conceptual artist working in a wide range of media and concepts. My major influences have been from the post war artists such as J.Beuys, with whom i corresponded and created empathic and political works in the 60's and 70's. I am interested in all information related to man , nature and aesthetics. I find the European aesthetic and American concepts/context in combination most interesting. A critic proposed," Piatt is an idiosyncratic and very individual artist who has been pursuing his own path for years without receiving the level of attention his work deserves. Perhaps this is because of the disturbing character of his sculpture and prints, which are both enigmatic and transgressive." ...