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Discover 77 original sculpture artworks for sale between $500 - $599. Contemporary emerging artists: Tracy Buchanan, Cecilia Mariel Leiva, David Chang, Michal Staszczak, Sandee Armstrong-smith, Lemar Wuerth are exhibiting their affordable original art. You can buy artwork online and browse 3 pages for more originals at the end of this page. To view detailed information for any of these artworks click the image or browse the artist's portfolio website.

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Cecilia Mariel Leiva: 'bailarina', 2005 Other Sculpture, Dance.
, 2005
Dance - Sculpture
40 x 74 cm (15.7 x 29.1 inches)
David Chang: 'Eye of the Wind', 2004 Wood Sculpture, Abstract.
Abstract - Sculpture
18 x 26 inches (45.7 x 66.0 cm)
Michal Staszczak: 'iron tree', 2005 Mixed Media Sculpture, nature. Trees have always inspired me...
, 2005
nature - Sculpture
25 x 20 cm (9.8 x 7.9 inches)
Sandee Armstrong-smith: 'Egyptian Mask', 2005 Other Sculpture, Mask. A mask sculpting out of Air Dried Clay.  One of a series that can be viewed at my own site. ...
Mask - Sculpture
9 x 14 inches (22.9 x 35.6 cm)
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Lemar Wuerth: 'redrocks', 2002 Wood Sculpture, nature. This peice is very attached to my soul. I was at Red Rocks ampitheater when I got the insperation for these babys!...
, 2002
nature - Sculpture
6 x 24 inches (15.2 x 61.0 cm)
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Artists Describing Their Art:

Tracy Buchanan - By using the human figure as a point of departure for sculpture I am trying to communicate an earthly, and emotional experience, an experience that could perhaps recall for someone an emotion or memory, or possibly generate a new sensation. We can all relate to the human figure, because we all inhabit one. The body acts as its own language, one of which is universal. We all occupy our own unique form, yet physically we share our makeup with all humankind. The work that I am producing is figurative in form and emotional in content. ...

David Chang - Sharing My Artistic View By David K. Chang Art is an expression of the spirit that is not limited by time or space. Although artistic styles differ depending on the artist's background, rationales, interests, and feelings, the intent of all artwork is to guide audiences into a specific mood. Therefore, art arouses an echo between the audience and the artist. This echo can be one of excitement or agony, of humor or anger, of comfort or sadness, of oppression or complete release, or one of inexpressible description. Artists continue to explore their own finished work as well as to encourage audiences to gain a deeper understanding of that work. Excellent artwork often comes from self-examination. Even though an artist may believe he is developing and refining his style by intuition, this intuition is usually the artist's unrecognized expression of his reflection, which has embedded itself into his subconscious. My inspiration frequently comes from my reflection on and enjoyment of nature, from my loving it and studying it. The artwork that comes from this reflection can express the resolution of conflict between man and nature, or the connection between them. These ideas can be articulated in the freedom ...

Sandee Armstrong-Smith - A Canadian Artist - Sandee A (Smith-Armstrong)

Lemar Wuerth - I am a carpenter and love working with my hands. I put my heart and soul in everything that I create. My favorite medium is wood next to painting, wood sculpting is definitly my passion. as an artist I strive to live my life in Peace,love and good Karma :) PEACE Sincerely yours, Lemar Wuerth...