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Discover 71 original sculpture artworks for sale between $800 - $899. Contemporary emerging artists: Berthold Neutze, Don Dougan, Louise Parenteau, John Murphy, Jack Hill, Paul Orzech, Lazar Toshkin, Cheryl Ehmann, Valentina Savic, Lavih Serfaty, Dermot O'brien, Kim Wintje are exhibiting their affordable original art. You can buy artwork online and browse 3 pages for more originals at the end of this page. To view detailed information for any of these artworks click the image or browse the artist's portfolio website.

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Don Dougan: 'POINTS ON THE PERIPATETIC STROLLIN WITH HADRIAN', 2009 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract Figurative. dyed lizella earthenware, porphyry verde, tusk shells ...
Abstract Figurative - Sculpture
10 x 9 inches (25.4 x 22.9 cm)
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Louise Parenteau: 'INNU', 2009 Mixed Media Sculpture, Cosmic.
, 2009
Cosmic - Sculpture
68 x 139 cm (26.8 x 54.7 inches)
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John Murphy: 'Swallow ', 2007 Mixed Media Sculpture, Birds.  The swallow is cold cast in resin bonded bronze. The support is carved from a piece of Iroko which is stained, sealed and has a beeswax finish. In this piece I try to capture the speed and streamlined movement of a swallow in flight. ...
, 2007
Birds - Sculpture
21 x 13 cm (8.3 x 5.1 inches)
Jack Hill: 'Whoops', 2007 Bronze Sculpture, Food.  Bronze, cast in the lost wax method, hand applied heat patina ...
, 2007
Food - Sculpture
9 x 8 inches (22.9 x 20.3 cm)
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Paul Orzech: 'Prometheus', 2006 Bronze Sculpture, Mythology.  Prometheus, in Greek mythology, stole fire from the gods and gave it to the mortals.  This figure holds up that precious knowledge in his left hand, which also serves as a candle holder.  Prometheus if finished in a French Brown Patina and his base has a silver nitrite finish.  Please...
, 2006
Mythology - Sculpture
7 x 9 inches (17.8 x 22.9 cm)
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Paul Orzech: 'Peter Rabbit', 2006 Bronze Sculpture, Animals.  Peter Rabbit is a fun representation of the many rabbits the artist found playing and eating in his parents back yard.  The resting rabbit, with it perked ears, is vigilant for any threat that may approach. i? 1/2 A carved wood looking patinai? 1/2 was applied to this piece.  If you enjoy this...
Animals - Sculpture
5 x 10 inches (12.7 x 25.4 cm)
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Lazar Toshkin: 'Hunting the wind', 2003 Wood Sculpture, Abstract.
Abstract - Sculpture
150 x 50 cm (59.1 x 19.7 inches)
Cheryl Ehmann: 'The Redskin', 2004 Bronze Sculpture, Abstract Figurative. A proud Indian Chief mounted on solid oak plaque...
Abstract Figurative - Sculpture
18 x 21 inches (45.7 x 53.3 cm)
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Cheryl Ehmann: 'Tree of Spirits', 2004 Bronze Sculpture, Abstract Figurative. An old oak tree with the faces of buffalo, horse, custer, gold panner, Indian maiden, etc. . coming out as spirits from the tree...
Abstract Figurative - Sculpture
9 x 20 inches (22.9 x 50.8 cm)
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Valentina Savic: 'wall 1', 2004 Ceramic Sculpture, undecided. wall study...
, 2004
undecided - Sculpture
92 x 25 inches (233.7 x 63.5 cm)
Lavih Serfaty: 'red', 2004 Aluminum Sculpture, Abstract. Red ChakraThe Red chakra is active in all humans. The red chakra gives us the ability to experience the basics. Such as wanting to survive, hunger, finding food, reproduction, physical instincts, taking care of our offspring.This two dimentional sculpture is made of aluminum nailed to a wooden frame. ...
, 2004
Abstract - Sculpture
100 x 70 cm (39.4 x 27.6 inches)
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Dermot O'brien: 'Shield', 1999 Mixed Media Sculpture, Abstract. This piece consists of two autonomous pieces which can be individually place or placed together. Red alder with 4 lightsources....
, 1999
Abstract - Sculpture
25 x 22 inches (63.5 x 55.9 cm)
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Kim Wintje: 'shrouds of jesus', 2001 Aluminum Sculpture, Political. My medium,
Political - Sculpture
12 x 30 inches (30.5 x 76.2 cm)
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Artists Describing Their Art:

Berthold Neutze - Artists Statement Art from wood is either turned (pretty bowl), roughly hewed (pure artistic laziness) or from selected ugliness regarding to the choice of wood. The flashy the material the less you see the sloppy work of the artist Why do I use wood after all? Besides hard and splintery beechwood? The work is risky and tedious, demands concentration and sensitivity for the material's structure - thus a challenge for craftmanship. Together with the subtle texture and unexitedly tint of beechwood that makes it to my favourite material. Beechwood allows undisguised view towards the form language. The shiny smooth surface means a distance to ,,harsh" nature to me. The outcoming piece is a picture, not copy. The tactile dimension. There is this invitation to the spectator to touch it, to feel the inherent warmth of wood, to feel out the incorporated strings and muscles to append another dimension to his phantasy. Subject follows function. My abstract -, as well as the anthropo- and zoomorphic sculptures emerge from the curiosity what other structures evolution could find - or improve - to add another niche in nature. I mostly work without preceding drawings und start to work unintentionally; the ,,idea" evolves during the progress - the ...

Don Dougan - My work comprises both abstracted and figurative imagery executed in a variety of mixed materials, with stone being the predominate medium. Other materials used (usually in conjunction with stone) include foundry cast metals, carved and joined wood, cast and fabricated plastics, cold-worked and kiln-formed glass, cast and carved hydraulic cements, cast/formed paper, welded/fabricated metals, gilding, and found/assembled objects. The more abstracted imagery is worked in pedestal pieces, large freestanding sculptures, and in wall-mounted relief sculptures. The figurative lip series is usually presented in wall-mounted reliefs, deep shadowbox framing, and occasionally as either a pedestal piece or a large freestanding work. The most recently begun series of work comprises pedestal-sized pieces using the imagery of the ship or the boat hull. Each series or each type of work allows me to express aspects of the human condition - the more abstracted works tend to reveal a more universal emotional/rational characterization of subject matter, the lip series tends to allow sensuality, humor, and more visceral expressions, while the ship series delves into personal/cultural memories and emotional journeys. For more images and information on myself, my work, and my working methods please visit my ...

Louise Parenteau - ARTISTIC STATEMENT I studied fine arts at the University Of Quebec In Montreal (1986-1991). I was involved in various artistic activities in which I took a strong stand against injustice, poverty, and social exclusion. My work took shape using different methods of research and observation. I articulated my artistic approach inspired by existential human sufferings. I created portraits of individuals with unusual physical traits, expressions, deformities, attitudes... These characters inspired me to use colour in contrasts and splashes. My aim was to express the life animating the characters by an internal light. For my installations, I used a physical space to transpose socio-political situations and dramatic events. With the barest resources, my intention was to stimulate the interest of the viewer. My material supplies: Acrylic, rubbish, wood, metal, rust, polystyrene panels, personal objects, used clothing, etc. In 1995, I realized that I had reached limits with my artistic approach. I decided to have a period of questioning with the aim of going further in my research in terms of intention and expression. This process enabled me to explore, to experiment with different materials and to reposition myself using sculpture as my main form of expression. Ever...

Jack Hill - All of my sculptural work is bronze, cast in the "lost wax" technique. Besides sculpting the original work, I am hands on with all the phases of the casting process, including the molds, waxes, metal, and application of the patinas. My foundry experience allows me to ensure the quality and integrity of each idea, from inspiration to final presentation. The ideas are born from observation of the human existence, in all its splendor and absurdity. The addition of my own whimsy and uncommon approach brings about an expression of life in the permanence of bronze. People are only one part of the whole planet and my anthropomorphic works are an exploration of the blending of man into various parts of the environment. With attention to anatomic detail and a tongue-in-cheek twist I wish to stimulate the imagination and, maybe, tickle the funny bone. Questions? Call me at 305/240-3238 A new line of work has been added that I call "Body Armor". The human form is treated as if skin was an armor that could be put on or removed as needed. If it had been lost long ago and recently rediscovered, what would it look like. ...

Paul Orzech - Paul Orzech Sculpture Studio Artist Statement: The heart of my artwork is expressed by the words "Classical form with a modern edge." As an artist, I feel the need to incorporate the classic concepts of the human figure from the Ancient Greek and Italian Renaissance periods, with the more message-oriented elements of today's art. My belief in the beauty and power of the raw human form is exquisitely celebrated in the classical forms of sculpture. The modern themes I treat in my art include feminism; contemporary ideas of spirituality and love; and the all consuming presence time plays in our fast-paced American lives. I feel there is a quiet strength in the combination of established classics and contemporary expression that demonstrates a smooth continuity of social history. ...

Cheryl Ehmann - Originally from Michigan, I now live in Montana where I studied under master woodcarver, Dan Schnetter. I have always been interested in modeling a shape from either wood or clay. I worked in commercial art in Denver in 1978-1979 and began sculpting seriously in clay for the past 12 years. I have always had an intererst in the "Old West" and the diversified cultures that inhabited the plains. I study my subjects well and try to depict eye pleasing results and spirtual awareness in the sculptures I create. I sculpt with a realistic perspective. I hope to visually stimulate you to identify with each piece. To sense the pain, the joy and many journeys traveled. Look beyond lifes "template" - look into the soul! Feel the pride, the passion, the will to live! All of my sculptures are finely detailed so that you may feel the message of each piece. I shape, smooth and etch each line & contour to depict the proud, the fight, the playful. Each piece is then taken to the foundry, and under my supervision, cast in bronze with various tones of Patina to clarify and bring out the effect I am looking for. Each piece has ...

Valentina Savic - VALENTINA SAVIC was born in Prizren, Serbia 1970. 2007 Completed Master of Arts at the Ceramic Sculpture Department from the Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA) at the Ceramic Department 1998- 2000 received scholarship from the Greek Government for School of Fine Arts in Athens, sculpture department 2000 Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA) at the Ceramic Department ...

Lavih Serfaty - Lavih Serfaty is a multicultural artist. The works are on canvas, paper and aluminum. The painting are in acrilyc and water color. The latest painting are painted on aluminum with acrylic color. The use of bright and mono color is a result of a deep learning and understanding the power of the colors as it's affect people. The color can change the atmosphere of the environment, can heal our soul. The use of the right color in the right place can bring new and pure energy in our home. "I use the theories of color therapy, "feng shui" and "chakra energy" in my painting. The idea of making those painting is a result of long period of meditation and listening to music. Then I decided to paint with just one color according to state of mood I am, after I meditate. The aluminum is folded before I put the color on. When the painting is hanging on the wall, the color change as the light is changing during the day, the shade accentuate the color and change them to deep, darker or lighter. It's fill the room with bright and clear energy. The colors I choose are from ...

Dermot O'Brien - Over the past fifteen years i have developed my own very unique art form working with wood and light. Using light as an added dimension to highlight the spaces between the wood a new sculpture is created. The sculptures always consist of several shapes the light exploring and defining the relationship between the bodies....

Kim Wintje - For the past 20 years, I have been making sculpture. Incorporating many fabric techniques, I use recycled metal, wire, and paint, to create sewn metal sculptures about pollution, habitat loss, complacency, human rights, extinction, and many other environmental and political issues. My work has been part of collaborative shows, and one person exhibitions. I want my work to get into peoples psyches and keep them thinking about the images for days, weeks.... I feel that whenever people think and ultimately talk about ideas the world changes. I maintain a cyber gallery of my sculpture thanks to a NH State Council on the Arts, Individual Artist Fellowship received in 1998. I also take time every year to work as, artist in residence, in New Hampshires schools. In 1993, an accepted collaborative proposal submitted to Inez McDermott, then director of New England College Gallery, Henniker, NH, resulted in a significant change in my direction as an artist and the materials I use. The proposal gave me an opportunity to collaborate with another artist, to explore new materials, and to exhibit the years work at the gallery. The years exploration focused on the tradition of ritual art forms that had relevance to my ...