AZTEK Sword Sculpted GOLD 22k Sculpture By Angel Piangelo Papangelou

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Artist Angel Piangelo Papangelou. 'AZTEK Sword Sculpted GOLD 22k' Artwork Image, Created in 2018, Original Painting Oil. #art #artist
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Angel Piangelo Papangelou


AZTEK Sword Sculpted GOLD 22k



Size - (USA):
22 W x 102 H x 4 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
8.7 W x 40.2 H x 1.6 D (inches)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   AZTEK KHUN LAN - Sculpted Sword - ORIGINAL ARTWORK by Angel P. - Sculpted, Painted Engraved - MATERIALS Bronze, Poplar Wood, Genuine Leather, Steel Hardox 450 steel with the BEST bending abilities of all the steel Types- SPECIAL Technique applied which makes the Sword to look like an ANCIENT SWORD that was found in an archaeological excavation - REAL and Fully FUNCTIONAL Sword - GOLD Plated 22k Double GOLD Leafs - Giusto Manetti GmbH, Italy NO ONE else in recent History has made a REAL SCULPTED SWORD and probably NO ONE else can make such an AMAZING, ASTONISHING and IMPRESSIVE HANDMADE SWORD nowadays 100 ORIGINAL PROTOTYPE Sword - NOT a CONSTRUCTION sword with soldering or any bolts nuts at all - NOT a FAKE REPLICA or other HISTORICAL COPY sword – NOT again another ANTIQUE ... Extremely STRONG Sword one of the MOST DURABLE swords ever made - NOT JUST a Fully Functional HANDMADE Sword, but ALSO a REAL and ORIGINAL ARTWORK - 100 HAND SCULPTED HANDLE Pommel , Crossguard , Grip --- HAND ENGRAVED BLADE Direct Method – “Aztec” Letters Characters were engraved on both sides of the Blade --- HANDMADE CASE - HAND PAINTED - the whole Case by itself is an original PAINTING DRAWING by Angel P., that was made with Acrylic colors and in such a special way to have an unbelievable 3D embossed touch feeling. Various Aztec Symbols, icons and characters are shown on this Drawing Artwork -- UNIQUE ARTWORK SWORD in whole world - All Rights Reserved 2018.

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