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Of The Light

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Depasquale Sculptures Of The Light 2018
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Depasquale Sculptures


Of The Light



Size - (USA):
27 W x 18 H x 9 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
68.6 W x 45.7 H x 22.9 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   The lamp of the body is the eye. The vision of this sculpture emulates, Of The light Matthew 622. The righteous part in each and everyone of us and how when one is Filled, with the Light, all things are possible, beautiful and One Is of good fragrance unto others... By dishing out the back side of the eyeball itself, I was able to create the fourth dimension of light which permeates through about 3 16 of an inch thin stone, as this is not a translucent stone. I had to get it this thin for the transmission of light to be plausible. Originally designed as a human eye , I said to myself what if.. as the bible study that day, spoke about of the light or of the darkness.. So as I looked at this sculpture with no light being present 5 inches thick , a at the time, I manifested the process of making this sculpture with light passing thru it ...... Thus, I ventured to fishing out the back side in a very methodical process I devised and executed.. Of The Light was born. At night with only the sculpture illuminated, with a 100-watt bulb fixture behind, it is an extraordinarysight to behold. The aesthetic adornment is exquisite.... It is very hard to capture the true illumination effect with pictures because you need so much front lighting ,to take the photo of this masterpiece. At night, in your home, it would be 3 times the magnitude. This sculpture was executed in Gray Dolomoite with a Negro Marquina marble base.. Thank You for viewing my work. Please feel free to ask any questions. May God richly best You and Your Family

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