Sculpture Of A Horse Sculpture By Igor Rogovskiy

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Artist Igor Rogovskiy. 'Sculpture Of A Horse' Artwork Image, Created in 2019, Original Sculpture Wood. #art #artist
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Igor Rogovskiy


Sculpture Of A Horse

Size - (USA):
80 W x 220 H x 250 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
31.5 W x 86.6 H x 98.4 D (inches)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

When I first saw that a sculpture could be made of driftwood, I immediately felt that I could create a living image. I had no doubt. The choice immediately fell on the sculpture of horses. I consider horses to be one of the most harmonious animals. Conveying their image, grace and inner world is a subtle task for a creative man. I decided that it would be a challenge for me. It took me 3 month to collect natural material. When I found somewooden snags, I immediately imagined that they would turn into a part of a leg, a snout, a tailor a croup of a horse. Each snagthere are 245 piecesis a piece of puzzlewhich is folded into a unique single image. It took me four month to put it together. When I look at the sculpture, I see how simple and complex forms of snags, which nature has created, turn into one elegant figure. Creating art by preserving the environment and taking inspiration from nature is my direction.
Artwork Keywords:   Skulpturehorse, Horse, Woodhorse, Woodanimal, Driftwood, Original Sculpture
Materials:   Wood Sculptures

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